Verena Wolf

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Verena Wolf
Died 17 February 3143[1]
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Steel Wolves
Clan Wolf
Profession MechWarrior

Verena Wolf (born 31?? - died 17 February 3143) was a trueborn from Clan Wolf-in-Exile[2], a MechWarrior for the defunct Steel Wolves faction, and later a member of Clan Wolf.


She had been campaigns on Skye in 3134. She was dismissed from Wolves by Anastasia Kerensky after she announced her intentions of going mercenary and felt those who did wish stay may leave. Verena harbored doubts about herself after her dismissal.

In December 3136, she joined the Badgers, a mercenary company which was based on Baxter, in the Republic of the Sphere Prefecture IX. She accepted command as Captain of the Demon Company.

Her command had been filled with misfits and low-lives. With her intentions of making it the crack unit of the company, she began preventing them from going to liberate their former C.O. from Overton jail. She met Kennerly, a member of her new company. He revealed he was the one manipulating people in her unit for his own amusement. He had every intention to obey orders, and watch her self-doubt would destroy her for his amusement.

January 11th 3137, Verena led Demon Company in defense of the escape route for sister company's Animal Company. There she held the line against Clan's attack against Animal. However, she was unable to save Badger's Colonel. With Badger's major in Overton, she was delegated command of the two companies.

On 13th, she led both companies on a night attack against Clan's Union Class DropShip that had moved to Allshot Spaceport.

Having Animal Company take one side of the DropShip, her company on the other, she hoped to damage the DropShip enough to make it withdraw or possibly surrender. Star Colonel Bjorn led the counter attack to defend the DropShip. Where she planned to do, luring them away from their DropShip, her two companies managed to destroy the defenders. Verena fought Bjorn, with Bjorn crippling her Koshi. However, rest of the Badgers' fire finished off Bjorn, killing him.

A few days later she and Lt. Kennerly met General Bington and Baron Cutt Saville of La Blon who was chairman of Global Information Network (GIN). The Baron & the General offered Verena a post as Colonel, in command of a new elite military unit he was forming named the "The La Blon Djinns". Verena and Kennerly's actions elevated them as heroes of the prefecture thanks to Baron's Network, in comparing her to Victor Steiner-Davion. In part of forming the unit, Verena was given Alaric Wolf's Mad Cat which he used in his invasion of Yed Posterior. General Bington explained that propaganda was being used to fight apathy and defeatism. Promoting her as a hero, it would help unify the prefecture in middle of its crisis. She had to cope with the hero worship and felt unworthy of it and attention. Detached from the Badgers, she now begins to learn military interaction with politics.

She was sent to La Blon to a meeting between the Wolf Hunters and other units to asset the Prefecture's defenses. There she met Anastasia Kerensky and Alaric Wolf at the conference. She and Alaric developed a relationship.

After the conference, Kerensky had Verena's force join the defenders Nusakan. She became commander of all armed forces of planet after arriving. She had been assigned to work with the mercenary unit named Colton's Screaming Demons and remnants of the Stormhammers.

On March 14th, she met the now Star Colonel Alaric Wolf, commanding the 279th Battle Cluster. She negotiated hard with him and both agreed to meet in northern district of the planet for possession of the planet. They agreed too in week, fighting a battle with Verena's 72 BattleMechs and support units versus his 35 Clan BattleMechs.

March 19th, Verena chose the Mudana Refuge, an arctic region of north, where ancient strip mines layer open and snow covering them. The river waters were as red as blood with heavy metal deposits seeping poisons into them.

She sent out her forces and meet them against his, at critical point in the battle she used the Screaming Eagle to pretend a withdrawal, drawing Alaric's force through the middle. Alaric saw it as a trap but fought on. His force punched through the Djinn forces. Verena's forces appeared to be in trouble, only to find she was the sole survivor of her unit after being saved by the Stormhammers. Another force arrived on the scene led by Alaric's battered Mad Cat. She and he clashed, but her machine was too damaged to hold up the fight and she was shot defeated by him.

After the battle, Alaric went to see Verena where she was at the bedside of the unconscious Kennerly who had been gravely wounded in the battle. There she speaks Alaric, that she tells him her career is finished. That her reputation after the battle was ruined and she had been branded by Colonel Colton as "Bride's Defeat". She did learn key to becoming better as warrior and war leader. Alaric agreed she had indeed changed and became unpredictable. There he offered to make her a bondswoman, giving her the chance for glory again and an opportunity to kill their mutual enemy -- Anastasia Kerensky. She accepted and left with him as he was being recalled by the Khan.


Verena was a noted Koshi pilot until she was given Alaric's captured Mad Cat.


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