A Verigraph is among the most advanced security devices available in the thirty-first century. The device is a thin chip which attaches to an electronic document and scans the DNA of anyone attempting to access it. If the scan does not match the DNA signature stored within its circuitry the verigraph will not allow access. If they possess sufficient training a person can try to bypass the verigraph, though any manipulation will be blatantly obvious to the next person who attempts to access the document, and information protected by a verigraph is usually encrypted to begin with. Because they are almost impossible to forge, verigraphs are usually built into passports and other forms of identification, making them almost universally accepted across the Inner Sphere and Periphery.[1]



Item: Verigraph Scanner/Reader[2]
Equipment Ratings: D/A-B-A/A
Cost: 360
Affiliation: None
Mass: 1kg
Notes: Encrypts/Reads genetic code of operator for secure message transfer; -4 to Forgery


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