Vesper Marches

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Crest of Vesper Marches
Vesper Marches
State Profile
Founding Year 3151[1]
Capital world: Melissia[1]
Controlled system(s): 9 (in June 3152)[2]

The Vesper Marches is a Hinterlands nation created in March 3151 in the former Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.



In late 3150, as more fringe worlds of the Lyran Commonwealth were lost to secession or pirate invasion, Archon Trillian Steiner contacted the notoriously disloyal Duke of Hesperus II, Vedet Brewer, requesting his aid in stabilizing the region. Brewer instead elected to depart Alekseyevka for a destination unknown without bothering to reply.[1]

With aid from Gareth Dinesen Brewer undertook a power play intended to showcase himself as a better candidate for Archon than Trillian Steiner - he made a bold strike into the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Jumping into the Melissia system in January 3151, Brewer unexpectedly found the planet controlled not by the Falcons but the newly established Melissian Republic. The Republic's Prime Minister informed Brewer that, having thrown off Clan rule, the Melissians had no loyalty to the Archon after their abandonment to the Falcons. In response Brewer made a pact in which he would combine his resources with those of Melissia to defend the world against future threats.[1]

Taking stock of the local situation, Brewer allowed violence between the Republic and pro-Lyran noble factions on Melissia to escalate until he was able to present himself and his First Hesperus Guards as bringers of peace who could unite and protect the planet - and destroy any who would oppose them. By March 3151 Brewer had become Melissia's ruler and proclaimed it the capital of his new realm, the Vesper Marches.[1]

Publicly calling upon Lyran citizens across the Commonwealth to join him instead of remaining loyal to "Steiner negligence", Brewer bided his time and made no further expansionist moves to begin with. Instead he took note of the lack of Jade Falcon warriors in the region and began contemplating which worlds to claim next.[1]


The Vesper Marches is essentially nothing more than the personal fiefdom of Duke Vedet Brewer, who reigns with the aid of Melissia's noble families. Brewer's rule depends upon a balance of keeping these nobles satisfied while preventing their excesses from antagonizing the populace too much.[3]

As far as interstellar relations go, the Marches has no firm allies and is surrounded by real or potential enemies.[3]


At the time of its formation the Marches military amounted to little more than the First Hesperus Guards.[1] Over a year later the Guards are still the backbone of the armed forces but the expansion of Vesper borders has necessitated utilizing the nobility's personal armies as well, despite the latter being of dubious worth in a real fight.[3]


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