A Vibroblade is a melee weapon used across the Inner Sphere, first introduced in 2400 by the Free Worlds League.[1] The vibroblade is used (and most often shaped) like a conventional sword, but also includes a power pack in the hilt for a series of motor systems. When activated, the vibroblade's cutting edge oscillates at a very high speed, cutting through anything in its path.

Vibroblades are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from personal weapons to experimental BattleMech sized versions.

Personal Vibroblades[edit]

  • Vibroblade - The vibroblade is approximately the size of a dagger or knife.[2]
  • Vibrosword - Very popular with the few people who can use it, the vibrosword is a typical cutlass, rapier, or broadsword shaped weapon.[2]

Related Weapons[edit]

  • Vibrokatana - First developed for the Draconis Combine's DEST teams, the vibrokatana is very effective against battle armor.[3]
  • Vibroaxe - The vibroaxe was originally developed for utility work like logging or fire rescue. As it isn't designed for combat it imposes a -1 to hit penalty.[3]
  • Vibromace - The vibromace was developed in the Circinus Federation for their blood sports. Instead of using the vibrations to slice, the head of the vibromace uses them to pulverize whatever it hits. The cruder manufacturing capability of the Federation result in a -1 to hit penalty.[4]

Related Equipment[edit]

  • Vibro Lock Pick Kit - A usual tool amongst intelligence personnel, which utilizes a just 7.5 cm blade to cut through locks instead of picking them.[5]

BattleMech Vibroblades[edit]

The BattleMech Vibroblade was developed by Draconis Combine engineers in 3059 but didn't reach the deployment until 3065.[6] Using their Sword as a foundation, they were able to incorporate the same technology that makes the personal vibroblade and vibrokatana so effective. Unlike the standard Sword the BattleMech vibroblade comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. When unpowered, the vibroblade acts as a standard 'Mech sized sword. When the pilot activates the vibroblade, and successfully attacks an opponent, the cutting edge slices even deeper into the target, inflicting more damage than a sword. The tradeoff for this increased damage is the heat generated by the vibroblade's mechanisms and the fact that an active vibroblade won't benefit from Triple Strength Myomer.[6]

Though the vibroblade offers some advantages over the standard Sword, it hasn't yet been deployed in large numbers. In fact it's only been seen in the arenas of Solaris and other game worlds.[7][8]

The amount of heat generated and damage inflicted by the vibroblade varies depending on the size of the weapon.

BattleMech Vibroblade information
Size Weight Heat Space Required Damage (when active) Damage (Inactive) Cost Battle Value
Small Vibroblade 3 3 1 critical slot 7 points as Sword 150,000 C-bills[9] 12[10]
Medium Vibroblade 5 5 2 critical slots 10 points as Sword 400,000 C-bills[9] 17[10]
Large Vibroblade 7 7 4 critical slots 14 points as Sword 750,000 C-bills[9] 24[10]


'Mech-scale vibroblades are manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Mithril Wyrm Experimental Vibroblade Solaris Silver Wyrm, Ltd.[8]



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