Victoria Commonality

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History & Description[edit]

The Victoria Commonality is the newest Commonality in the Capellan Confederation. Created during Sun-Tzu Liao’s Xin Sheng reforms, it is formed of all the rimward worlds of the Confederation. Other then the Andurien Secession of the early 3030s, the Commonality saw little of the wars other Commonalities had seen allowing it to quietly build itself into a cultural and industrial fortress. Except for Shengli Arms on Victoria, countless small to mid-size industrial centers are scattered across the worlds of the Commonality that produce much of the high-quality consumer goods that the Confederation then trades to the rest of the Trinity Alliance. [1]

The citzens of the Commonality are simply known as “those people out there” to the rest of the Confederation because of their proximity to the Periphery. A prejudice that even with the influx of Taurians and Canopians drives the Commonality’s citizens sheer determination to prove themselves worthy of Commonality status. [1]

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