Victoria Espinosa

Victoria Espinosa
Victoria Espinosa
AffiliationHouse Espinosa[1]
ParentsSantiago Espinosa (father)[2]

Lady Victoria Espinosa was the daughter of Santiago Espinosa.


Victoria was groomed to be the advisor of Lady Kamea Arano. Shortly after the death of Tamati and Serena Arano, she participated in House Espinosa's bloody but successful coup to gain control of the Aurigan Coalition.[2][1]


During her final duel, she would pilot a KGC-0000 King Crab.[3]


"Fire and Steel"
  — Lady Victoria Espinosa's personal battle cry.[4]

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Lady Victoria Espinosa grew up alongside her cousin Kamea Arano and was trained by Raju Montgomery. Despite the education she received, she ultimately rejected the teachings of the old war hound, embracing her father's ambitious designs and acting as his enforcer. Young, headstrong, and fanatically loyal to her house, Victoria betrayed Kamea and set out to destroy her. Her blind loyalty to her father's Directorate would later cost Victoria her life.[5]


Upon refusing the advice of her uncle, Victoria, feeling betrayed by her cousins refusal, would work with her father to undermine Kamea's efforts. Victoria's first objective was to start a massacre on the Taurian world of Perdition for her father. She would later be responsible for causing the death of Raju Montgomery on the planet Weldry. On Anvelt, Victoria would oversee ammunition and smuggling operations until her capture by the mercenary forces (on behalf of Simon Karosas) hired by her cousin. Lady Espinosa would find an ally with Samuel Ostergaard upon learning the death of his son aboard his DropShip, the Newgrange. She would also be responsible for the capture of Kamea's closest ally and friend, Lord Alexander Madeira.


"I'm sorry left me no choice. But make no mistake. Justice has been served here today. I am the Sword of Restoration and Coromodir is free."
  — High Lady Kamea Arano, expressing her remorse to Victoria upon killing her.

After refusing to listen to her father for surrendering, Victoria would force Kamea to fight her or she would kill Alexander. Seeing no alternative to end the fighting, she agrees to fight her cousin. Realizing that Victoria is too far gone, she refused all contacts during the battle. Victoria would fight her final duel with Kamea on Coromodir, dying in the confrontation. Victoria’s death would mark the end of the Directorate and Aurigan Civil War.


Victoria piloted a Catapult CPLT-K2 called Kaga[5]

During her final duel with Kamea and the mercenaries, she would pilot a modified King Crab.[5]

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  • Victoria's voice in the video game was portrayed by actress Lauren Pearsall.


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