Victoria Parrdeau

Victoria Parrdeau
Victoria Parrdeau
ProfessionPrecentor ROM

At the very least a Word of Blake sympathizer if not an outright mole, Victoria Parrdeau served as ComStar's Precentor ROM after the ComStar Schism.


Eartly Career[edit]

Victoria Parrdeau was originally a member of the Com Guards, fighting against Clan Smoke Jaguar during the Battle of Tukayyid. She transferred to ROM in the wake of the Schism, being promoted by Primus Sharilar Mori to Precentor ROM in the winter of 3054.[1][2]

Between 3054 and 3057 Parrdeau had amazing success in rebuilding the gutted organization from top to bottom, until she selected Michelle Ellingham as head of counterintelligence, the highly placed Blakist mole unmasking ComStar ROM agents in the Word while at the same time allowing Word ROM agents to expand and infiltrate the secular organization. Ellingham's efforts culminated in Operation Odysseus, the loss of Terra and the Blakists' nerve gas attack that eliminated ROM's Cairo based headquarters crippling the secular ROM anew, forcing Parrdeau to begin all over again.[2]

After 3064, Parrdeau ordered a long-term associate Tempest Stryker to investigate word of the Black Warriors utilizing brand-new BattleMechs to repulse a Marian Hegemony strike against the Circinus Federation. Stryker's investigation discovered they were all heavily modified versions of preexisting 'Mechs developed by the Word of Blake and thereafter supposedly "mirrored" by Vicore Industries for sale to other large manufacturers, seemingly as part of a massive supply effort by the expansion of the Blakist military.[3]

At Parrdaeu's direction Stryker would also heavily dig into the Word of Blake's efforts in the Chaos March, discovering much information about Kali Liao's links to the Sixth of June and the Manei Domini.[4] Her loyalties and motives in doing so came into question when she sent Stryker on another mission dealing with Project Phoenix, ordering the unsuccessful elimination of his black-ops team at their extraction point. Seemingly intent on burying all he had uncovered about the Word's expansion efforts, Stryker would vow to eliminate Parrdeau once he uncovered hard proof of her ties to Cameron St. Jamais.[5]

Word of Blake Jihad[edit]

After the Blakist released the secrets of Sharilar Mori and Anastasius Focht, Parrdeau would be credited by the Word of Blake with assisting Adept Greta McGruder to successfully assassinate Primus Mori in October 3068 and the attempted assassination of Focht at ComStar's command post on Orestes, despite little actual evidence she was directly involved in either. In fact, it's confirmed than McGruder acted alone.[6][7][8] However, Parrdeau being an outright Blakist was called into question, as rather than head directly to the Word of Blake she fled in secret along with other disaffected members of ROM.


Questions as to her true loyalties became even more muddied when her Blakist counterpart Alexander Kernoff issued a Persons of Interest report requesting her capture alive,[9] while a similar Manei Domini report issued by Apollyon to Berith indicated that she was considered "compromised" and that she should be exterminated. Her last known location at that time was listed as Hesperus II.[10]

In March of 3072, Parrdeau was eventually tracked down on Dalton in the Free Worlds League by both Berith and the infamous Bounty Hunter. Hired by Chandrasekhar Kurita to locate her, the Bounty Hunter and his team narrowly beat Berith to capturing her, and acquired her secret journal from her.[11] Parrdeau and her journal were eventually delivered to Devlin Stone after Chandrasekhar Kurita's death.[12]



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