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Victoria Rangers

Insignia of the Victoria Rangers
Victoria Rangers
Formed 3062
Nickname Victoria Commonality Rangers
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
Sub-Command(s) See Units of the Victoria Rangers

The provincial force of the Victoria Commonality, the Victoria Rangers were formed from the two surviving units of the once mighty Chesterton Reserves.


Created in late 3062 when the Victoria Commonality was separated from the Sian Commonality, this second-line brigade was originally composed of two solid, politically impeccable regiments, Kingston's Legionnaires and Sung's Cuirassiers. The Victoria Commonality Rangers were expected to aid and coordinate with the militaries of the Capellan Confederation's Periphery allies in addition to their normal duties. An officer exchange program has been established and periphery-born warriors have been accepted into the brigade.[1]

During the Jihad the Rangers took control of supplies that were left in place by the Taurian Concordat. This allowed them to rebuild quickly from each conflict. They defended their home commonality, but Kingston's Rangers also participated in attacks on New Syrtis and Ridgebrook.[2] Jiang-jun was keen to see the VCR expanded after the Jihad to match the size of their counterpart brigades in the other Commonalities, but it was made clear by the Strategios that no expansion would be considered while other formations within the CCAF were still rebuilding.[3]

The Victoria Commonality Rangers of 3085 spent most of their time guarding the Confederation's Periphery border. The Strategios apparently wanted to keep them at full strength to provide a reserve for the CCAF. The Rangers were one of the few Capellan commands to actually be close to their listed strength.[4]

In 3103, both regiments were present on Victoria during the Victoria War. Despite a fanatical defense of their capital, both heavily damaged units were forced to retreat to Quimberton three months later.[5] Kingston's Rangers would later reinforce the First Canopian Fusiliers and Second Canopian Cuirassiers on Zanzibar and force the Sirdar CMM off-planet.[6]

Following the Capellan Crusades in 3111, several brigades were restructured in response to some flaws found in current doctrine. One of these changes involved new unit designations. Thus, Victoria Commonality Rangers became Victoria Rangers and the regimental names were standardized.[7]

The Victoria Rangers spent decades nursing plans for revenge after Victoria was lost to the Federated Suns. The Rangers rebuilt in secret as part of the Hidden Lion initiative, expanding to five regiments in the process.[8]

In 3144, the Confederation launched a full-scale invasion of the Capellan March called Operation CELESTIAL REWARD. The Victoria Rangers were on the front lines, with the entire brigade descending on Victoria. Pushing the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns forces off-planet, the Rangers then helped drive the AFFS back to the prewar boundary of the Victoria Commonality.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Victoria Rangers
Line Director: Jiang-jun Petyr Andreyvich 3063 - 3084[1][4]
Home Guard Director: Jiang-jun Won Hyo Yul-Gok 3063[1]
Line Director: Jiang-jun Willow Green 3084[4]
Home Guard Director: Jiang-jun Won Hyo Yul-Gok 3084[4]
Line Director: Jiang-jun Trevor Goparma 3145[9]
Home Guard Director: Jiang-jun Gerard Montague 3145[9]


Different per Unit.

Available Forces[edit]

As of 3063, the forces includes a broad range of technology and designs. These includes periphery machines and also state of the art equipment. The commonality regiments has good conventional support units but lacks air support capabilities which is provided through the navy. The commanders of the units get a gift every year in form of a new 'Mechs from the sponsoring noble family.

Units of the Victoria Rangers[edit]



Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

Two-color patchwork camouflage and always include red highlights. They use the Confederation crest backed by a steel-colored field as their insignia aside from a regimental emblem.[1]


  • As part of a deal struck when both units still belonged to the Chesterton Reserves, each family for which they are named are entitled to hereditary command positions, though regimental and even battalion command are still determined based on skill by the CCAF. Part of this bargain also ensures that each unit only retains the Kingston or Sung name as long as one member of the Kingston or Sung lines serves in the unit. Traditionally each family also presents a new 'Mech to the commanding officers of each unit every year, whether they are related or not.[1]
  • Like other Capellan reverse divisions, the overall breakdown of Rangers 'Mechs and vehicle ranges between older and new designs. However, thanks to the location of the Shengli Arms factory on commonality capital of Victoria, the commonality's links to the Magistracy and Concordat, and the Kingston Legionaries participation during Task Force Serpent, the Victoria Commonality Rangers mix is more eclectic than most, boasting some of Confederation's latest 'Mechs and vehicles, Periphery designs and even a number of Clan OmniMechs.[1]


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