Victoria Ward

Victoria Ward
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Position ilKhan

Victoria Ward was a Khan of Clan Wolf during the Golden Century who would ascend to become the fourth ilKhan of the Clans.[1]


Elected to the office of ilKhan to help provide stability and fair leadership against a rise in Clan factionalism, Victoria Ward would be regarded as successful at her job by later observers.[2] What stands out most regarding this leader was her great respect for the office of ilKhan and for the Founder, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky.[3]

Rising Conflict[edit]

As the Golden Century progressed, inter-Clan conflict rose sharply as each Clan expanded outward to fill the Kerensky Cluster, such as the destruction of Kindraa Smythe-Jewel by Clan Coyote and Clan Hell's Horses,[4] and the growing feud between Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Star Adder over fallout from the Absorption of Clan Mongoose.[3][5][6]

Reign of the Fourth ilKhan[edit]

To help stem the tide of rising conflict amongst the Clans, the Grand Council would elect Victoria Ward of Clan Wolf to the office of ilKhan in 2873. Her role as mediator and peacemaker would see success, as many Clans turned inward to concentrate on their own growth, though many feuds likely simmered just beneath the surface.[1]

At some point during her reign, ilKhan Ward introduced the Uniform Designation Protocols to the Clans. These regulations would unify the names given to new vehicles and aerospace fighters under commonly accepted themes.[2]

In 2891, ilKhan Ward stepped down from office. Her decision was based on a choice not to reign longer than the 18 years served by Nicholas Kerensky. The office of ilKhan would once more lie dormant for nearly 30 years after the end of Victoria Ward's reign.[1]


As the third ilKhan to hail from Clan Wolf, Victoria Ward continued in the role of overall Clan leadership and guidance set down by ilKhans Nicholas Kerensky and Jerome Winson. Her Bloodname House would produce many leaders of her Clan, remaining exclusive to Clan Wolf throughout its history. After her reign, several Clan conflicts would rise to the surface again, continuing on into the reign of her eventual successor, Corian Tchernovkov.



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