Victory at Wolcott

Victory at Wolcott
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Kyushu


The Victory at Wolcott was one of the four Kyushu-class frigates to be undergoing shakedown trials in late 3058 before entering service with the black water navy of the Draconis Combine as the DCS Victory at Wolcott. The sister ships to the Draconis Rift undergoing extensive trials at the same time were the DCS Draconis Rift, the DCS Dream of Kessel and DCS Luthien, although the Victory at Wolcott was the only Kyushu undergoing shakedown trials in the Midway system at the time.[1]

On 29 November 3062 it participated in an attack on Clan Ghost Bear-held Thule (alongside the corvette Amber Lotus) in what was supposed to be more or less a training exercise for the 14th Sun Zhang Aerospace Wing, a training cadre. However, the unexpected presence of stronger-than-anticipated Ghost Bear forces in the system resulted in a naval battle that would cost both sides dearly.[2] In this action, the Victory at Wolcott was held to represent the Coordinator's trust in the training cadre, and they would thus seek to keep it at long engagement range from all enemies.[2] It carried the DropShips Kirosawa, Lord Benjamin, Carlyton, and Kyoto Express, plus HCT-213B Hellcat II, SL-17 Shilone, LCF-R16KR Lucifer II and STU-D6 Stuka aerospace fighters. Of the DropShips, only the Kirosawa survived the fighting. A fifth of the training cadre's BattleMechs were lost during a high-orbit drop, yet they still managed to gain a foothold on Thule and achieved a partial victory before being recalled (and returning with over 45% casualties).[2]

By 3067 a number of Kyushu-class WarShips had been lost in action, but the Victory at Wolcott continued to serve the Draconis Combine Admiralty;[3] the Victory at Wolcott fought throughout the Jihad and was lost during the liberation of Terra in 3079 while operating as a part of Operation SCOUR, the allied coalition campaign to liberate the worlds of the Word of Blake Protectorate.[4]


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