View From the Ground

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View From the Ground
Product information
Type Novella
Author Alan Brundage
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 8 October 2021
Era Civil War era
Series Eridani Light Horse Chronicles
Preceded by Failings in Teaching
Followed by No Dust, No Wear

View From the Ground by Alan Brundage is set to be published in September 2021.

Shocked by the re-formation of the Star League, the Eridani Light Horse became the first combat command of the new SLDF. Their mission: destroy Clan Smoke Jaguar. Assigned to Task Force Serpent, the Light Horse traveled to Huntress, homeworld of the Smoke Jaguars. There, the ELH brought the full fury of the new Star League with them, paying a heavy price during the battle. Devastated by the vicious fighting, the victorious Light Horse survivors witnessed the Great Refusal and end of the Clan Invasion. Returning home to a hero’s welcome, the ELH were so overwhelmed with new recruits that they were able to rebuild the long-destroyed Nineteenth Striker regiment. [1]

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