Vincent Kurita (28th c.)

Vincent Kurita
Vincent Kurita
AffiliationHouse Davion-Kurita
ParentsSoto Kurita (father)[1][2]
Mary Davion (mother)[1][2]
SiblingsQuentin Kurita[1]
Chada Kurita[1]
ChildrenDrago Kurita[1]
Hiragi Kurita[1]

Vincent Kurita was the first son of Soto Kurita and Mary Davion.


When Roger Davion responded to the marriage of his sister by passing the 2700 Act of Succession that stripped Mary Davion of her right to the throne; Mary acceded to the Act, giving up her rights for her husband. Joseph Davion was recognized as Roger's heir, and the issue appeared to be resolved. Mary and Soto went on to have a son, Vincent, and matters would remain peaceful until Mary's death in 2715. Takiro Kurita produced paperwork stating that while Mary had acceded to the Act of Succession, she hadn't abrogated the rights of her children, and that Vincent should be the legal heir to the throne of the Federated Suns. Takiro's claims were rejected by Joseph Davion, who had become First Prince in 2703 after the death of Roger Davion, and ultimately led to the War of Davion Succession, one of the few open armed conflicts between member states during the era of the Star League and the death of Joseph Davion.[3]

He survived that war and kept fighting for the Draconis Combine until his death in battle in 2788.[1]


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