Vincent Kurita (31st c.)

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Vincent Kurita II
Character Profile
Also known as "The Peacock"[1]
Born 3061 or 3062[2]
Died 15 March 3137[3][4]
Affiliation House Kurita
Position Coordinator of Worlds
Profession Noble
Parents Hohiro Kurita (father)
Fiona Kurita (mother)
Siblings Shinjiro Kurita
Spouse Ramiko Nishimura
Children Theodore Kurita
Emi Kurita
Ryuhiko Kurita

Vincent Kurita II was the Coordinator of the Draconis Combine. He was the son of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita.


Early Life[edit]

Vincent Kurita was the second son of Hohiro and Fiona Kurita. The younger brother of Shinjiro, Vincent's existence and relationship to the Coordinator were kept secret until May 3079, along with the existence of the other members of Hohiro's family, due to what was claimed to be security concerns and family tradition. At the time his existence was publicly acknowledged by his father from the capital of the Draconis Combine at the time, New Samarkand, Vincent was 17 years old, indicating that he had been born in either 3061 or 3062, while his older brother Shinjiro was 22 years old.[2]

At the time of Vincent's public presentation to the various cultural, media and political figures on New Samarkand he was enrolled as a cadet at the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy, the same Academy from which his brother had recently graduated.[5]

Marriage and children[edit]

Vincent married Lady Ramiko Nishimura in a private ceremony on the planet of Kirei Na Niwa on the 12th of May 3081. The wedding was held on the estate of Ramiko's father and was attended by a number of family members from both sides of the family; Ramiko was attended by her sisters Yukio and Akiko, while Vincent was accompanied by his brother Shinjiro and his cousin Kitsune.[6]

At the time of the wedding, Vincent was 19 and Ramiko was 17; the two had met at a joint humanitarian effort after devastating flooding caused by the Torvillo River on New Samarkand. At the time, Ramiko was a student at the Chrysanthemum Blossom School for Young Women, while Vincent was still a student at the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy. Vincent proposed to Ramiko in January 3081 after her parents had met formally with his mother and father for the first time. The newlyweds had a honeymoon on the planet Isesaki before Vincent's posting to the Sixteenth Sun Zhang Cadre on Turtle Bay. The bride and groom requested that any wedding gifts be sent instead as donations to the Omi Kurita foundation.[6]

The media speculated after Vincent's wedding that his father was unhappy with his older brother Shinjiro because of Shinjiro's determination to concentrate on his military career, rather than settling down with a wife, in contrast with Vincent.[6]

Vincent is the father of Theodore Kurita II, Emi Kurita, and one other child, a son Ryuhiko Kurita.


Vincent would become Coordinator of the Draconis Combine upon the death of his father in 3104[7]

Funeral of Victor Ian Steiner-Davion[edit]

Vincent Kurita traveled with a number of nobility to Terra after being invited to Victor Steiner-Davion's funeral. Vincent's delegation arrived on April 17, 3134, and sent a decoy Kuritan force to Japan. That force was ambushed by Senate Alliance loyalists trying to capture them.[8]

Post-Republic intrigue[edit]

After proving her worth, Vincent Kurita appointed Katana Tormark as Warlord of Dieron on November. This showed faith in her abilities after capturing a number of worlds in the name of the Dragon since the HPG blackout of 3132.[9] Giving her goal of capturing Dieron itself from abandoned worlds of The Republic.


On 15 March 3137, Vincent Kurita and his surviving son Ryuhiko were assassinated by a bomb while celebrating his deceased son Theodore's birthday at the Imperial Palace.[3][10][4]

With all members of Vincent Kurita's immediate family mysteriously killed and allegedly assassinated, including Theodore's wife and unborn son, the great-granddaughter of Franklin Sakamoto, Yori Kurita was appointed as his successor on 15 May of that year.[11]


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