Vision Quest (Individual Aegis-class WarShip)

This article is about the individual Aegis-class WarShip. For the BattleMech, see Vision Quest (BattleMech).
Vision Quest
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Aegis
In service until 3075[1]


As at April 3062 the Aegis-class heavy cruiser Vision Quest was a WarShip within the Clan Nova Cat touman and as such was serving the Second Star League as the SLS Vision Quest within the Transcendent Naval Star. Also serving in the Transcendent Naval Star were two sister ships to the Vision Quest, the SLS Blade and the SLS Path of Honor.[2]

The Vision Quest was one of two Clan Nova Cat vessels to survive the Trial of Retribution, also known as the Second Battle of Alshain, on 8 May 3067 (though at least one more was later repaired and reactivated). It carried the DropShips Faith's Reward, Bright Star, Storm Blade and Huntress into this particular battle.[3]

It continued to serve in the Transcendent Naval Star at least until the beginning of the Jihad,[4] but was captured by the Word of Blake and pressed into service as a part of the Blakist black water fleet. The Vision Quest was subsequently destroyed in the Luthien system in 3075.[1]


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