Vlad Dinour

Vlad Dinour
AffiliationClan Goliath Scorpion
Clan Wolf
RankStar Colonel[1]

Vlad Dinour was a Star Colonel of Clan Goliath Scorpion who would be taken as abtakha by Clan Wolf after the events surrounding the Dragoon Compromise.[1]


Originally a warrior and officer of the Goliath Scorpions, Vlad Dinour rose through the ranks to become a Star Colonel in command of the elite Heartvenom Cluster.[1]

Training the Dragoons[edit]

After the proposal of the Dragoon Compromise was ratified by the Grand Council, Clan Goliath Scorpion saKhan Ren Posavatz immediately offered a batchall to assist in the training of the newly formed unit, Wolf's Dragoons. The program would train the Dragoons in the styles of warfare fought prior to the Exodus, helping them to eventually blend into their new surroundings in the Inner Sphere better than if they had fought with standard Clan tactical doctrine. After more than two years of constant drills against each other, the Dragoons made their way to the spinward side of the Inner Sphere in 3005, beginning a mission that would become a legendary odyssey.[1][2]

Wolf Clan Acquisition[edit]

Wolf Khan Kerlin Ward was so impressed with the abilities of Star Colonel Dinour and his command that in 3012 he approved a Trial of Possession. After successfully claiming their prize, Clan Wolf would see to it that he was quickly adopted into their warrior caste, assigning him to the 4th Striker Cluster, allowing him to shape the unit into a potent and versatile mixed Trinary unit. In addition to organization and tactical changes, Star Colonel Dinour would also introduce new traditions to the unit, such as the Goliath Scorpion fondness for keeping pets, or familiars. He would also inform the Wolves about the detailed reports on Inner Sphere tactics and strategies that had been brought back by the Scorpion volunteers who had initially accompanied Wolf's Dragoons on their mission.[1][3]


Though his new organization structure would not become the model for Clan Wolf's frontline Clusters, it would become the basis for the formation of their Epsilon Galaxy. Interestingly enough, Clan Wolf would also at some point acquire the rights to Vlad Dinour's genetic legacy. A descendant of his, Charles Dinour, would command the Fourth Striker during Operation REVIVAL. The Goliath Scorpions were still listed as exclusively holding the Dinour Bloodname in spite of this, suggesting that they had subsequently won back exclusive access to the lineage.[1][3][4]


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