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Vlad Ward
Vladimir Ward
Also known as Vlad Ward
Born 3026[1]
Died 3083
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Rank Khan
Profession MechWarrior

Vlad of the Wards (trueborn 3026 – died 3083, aged 57 years), later Vladimir Ward, was a trueborn warrior, a staunch Crusader, and Khan of the reborn Clan Wolf.


Early years[edit]

While a Star Captain, Vlad captured Phelan Kell on The Rock only to discover that Phelan had a claim to the House of Ward. Phelan and Vlad fought each other during a Trial of Bloodright for a Ward Bloodname. Despite cheating with the assistance of Conal Ward, Vlad lost.

Refusal War[edit]

Embittered, Vlad attempted to undo the Truce of Tukayyid by bringing down Ulric Kerensky by joining a Crusader attempt to slander him. Ironically, during the Refusal War, Vlad became awed and respectful of Ulric though he was a Warden. Enraged by Chistu's cowardly murder of Ulric, Vlad goaded him into a Trial of Grievance where he killed the scheming Jade Falcon. As a reward, Khan Elias Crichell undid Chistu's declaration that the Wolves had been Absorbed and created Clan Jade Wolf. Vlad won a Ward Bloodname unopposed and became Khan of the new Wolves. He challenged Crichell's status as a warrior in the Grand Council when he was elected ilKhan in 3058 and killed him. Vlad re-created Clan Wolf and has since bided his time, rebuilding their strength. His actions during the Great Refusal made sure the Wolves were not bound by it. His Wolves are now the only Crusader Clan legally able to renew the war, once the Truce of Tukayyid runs out in 3067.


At the conclusion of the FedCom Civil War he traveled to Arc-Royal where Katherine Steiner-Davion was held prisoner and demanded that Victor hand her over to him. The novels imply some kind of relationship between Vlad and Katherine, which is the probable cause for this act. Vlad promised to attack if Katherine was not given to him, and in this manner managed to acquire her from Victor.

Now called Katherine Wolf, her presence within the Clan and apparent favoritism by the Khan caused significant internal tension within Clan Wolf, resulting in Vlad facing several Trials over his conduct.[2]

Later years[edit]

After the Scouring of Tamar in early 3071, Khan Ward planned Operation DAMOCLES II to move all warriors, genetic legacies, and assets in the Clan Homeworlds to the Inner Sphere.[3] A secret part of that operation, codenamed "Spatha", was to infiltrate Katyusha City, board the WarShip McKenna's Pride, and steal the body of Aleksandr Kerensky. As the Kerensky Bloodnames were the founding legacies of Clan Wolf, Vlad justified the operation by claiming that the genetic line needed to be guarded from the unworthy Home Clans. He also knew that the Great Father's body would be a powerful icon for the Clan in the future.

Operation Spatha was led by Elemental Garmen Kerensky. Initially Spatha's members failed to return, but after a 5 year delay they reappeared with their target and more: Garmen had been forced to steal the Pride to escape. Fearful that the WarShip would attract enemies, Vlad sent Garmen's surviving men to join Stone's Coalition and had the Pride hidden in the Dark Nebula, concealing the location even from Katherine Wolf.[4]


In 3083, Khan Ward led the Golden Keshik on a raid on Rodigo, in Clan Hell's Horses territory, declaring a Trial of Possession for the 53rd BattleMech Cluster. During the fighting Khan Ward was killed in his Timber Wolf by an enemy Hellstar. The enraged Wolves pushed for a full war against the Horses but were reigned in by new Khan Ivan Kerensky.[5]


Despite his Clan's loss of territory under his command, Vlad was seen as one of the best Wolf Khans, with a legendary reputation.[6]. He would survive the ambush from the Refusal War and get revenge on the Khans who destroyed the original Clan Wolf. In turn, Vlad would take the Jade Wolves as his own and reform them back into Clan Wolf (albeit with a Crusader stance), with many clans recognizing them as the true Clan. Khan Ward would also work with newly-elected Jade Falcon Khan, Marthe Pryde to both stymie the efforts of the Home Clans and foil Jaguar leadership. With the former, Vlad and Marthe would initiate the Harvest Trials as a way to rebuild their battered Toumans after the Refusal War and to hamper the Home Clan efforts to join (or replace them) in the invasion of the Inner Sphere. With the latter, Smoke Jaguar leadership has shown themselves to be too inept and self-centered to lead the rest of the clans, so Vlad and Marthe would work together to bring about the downfall of Lincoln Osis and his clan. He would participate in the Great Refusal against Kai Allard-Liao and the Reborn Star League, resulting in a draw with them. Khan Ward would also draw controversy and misconduct after bringing Katherine Steiner-Davion (now Katherine Wolf) into Clan Wolf ranks while showing favoritism towards her, resulting in various Trials of Grievances. His most important work started in the Jihad during the Wars of Reaving. After mocking ilKhan Andrews in the Grand Council and getting abjured as a result, Khan Ward would lead a strike force (under a Kerensky) to steal the coveted Kerensky heritage from the Home Clans and bring the material to the Inner Sphere. He would even go so far as to recover the tomb of Aleksandr Kerensky and in turn, the McKenna's Pride from the Clan Homeworlds. Vlad made great efforts in hiding the Pride's existence and location from other clans, taking his secret to the grave, even from other clans and close associates. However, preparing for this situation, Vlad Ward created and hid a message for his blood descendants in all Wolf DropShips, which would activate when one of them, lead by a Ward, entered the Terran system. The message wasn't heard until 3135, by the future Wolf Khan Alaric Ward, Vlad's alleged descendant. While he wasn't on Terra to invade it, he was there to attend the funeral of his genefather, Victor Steiner-Davion.[7] Eventually, Alaric made very good use of the information, making Vlad's dream about the Wolf's conquest of Terra a reality in 3151.[8]

Other Appearances[edit]

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In the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries computer game, Vladimir Ward makes an in-game appearance. One of the possible endings for the game is that the player recovers the location of Katherine's prison, and a Rabid Fox agent convinces him to take the info to Vlad Ward. The Khan's reaction is to order a Trial of Position pitting the player against five Clan Wolf MechWarriors. If successful the player joins the Clan as a warrior and Khan Ward carries out the rescue of Katherine. During the battle Vlad observes from his Dire Wolf but does not participate directly.

Apocryphal Content Ends


We Clans talk much of honor. Nothing is more precious to a Clan warrior than his honor. How do I define honor? Success.
  — CCG Crusade edition, 3058
Not just a body—the Great Father himself. Nicholas created the Clans though force of will, but it was the Great Father who gave us purpose. One day he will return to Terra, and on that day he will see what we have reclaimed.
  — Icons of War, 3077



Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Jade Wolf

Succeeded by
None (reformed into Clan Wolf)

Preceded by
Natasha Kerensky
Khan of Clan Wolf

Succeeded by
Ivan Kerensky


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