Spina CargoShip
Vessel Profile
Previous names Voidswimmer
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin

The Clan Sea Fox CargoShip Voidswimmer is a converted WarShip used as a mobile, jump-capable Clan community and trading post. It acts as the command ship for Clan Sea Fox's Delta Aimag, Spina Khanate. The commanding officer of the ship as of 3134 is Star Commodore Konner.

The ship is 1,508 meters long and the ship's engines have been downgraded to maximum speed of 2 gravities.[1] The ships interplanetary engines have not been used in decades due to stress on the hull it would cause.

Vessel History[edit]

The Voidswimmer had received a refit at Clan Sea Fox's Tukayyid orbital yards in 3131.[2]

The vessel traveled to Adhafera in Prefecture VIII of Republic of the Sphere to broker a deal with the planet. The ship arrived on 15 June, where Delta Aimag began to send its merchants and warriors to the planet to settle a deal, while the ship remained at the jump point.

The ship briefly travelled to Tania Borealis system in August, to meet with Spina Khanate command ship ArcShip Poseidon. After meeting with the saKhan, ovKhan Petr Kalasa returned the ship back to Adhafera to continue their negotiations for trade.

In September, a series of events forced the Sea Foxes to withdraw from the planet, citing ovKhan Sha Clarke's decree the planet had terrorists on it, after was attacking Beta Amiga's assets.

After the departure of Beta, Petr received evidence that Sha Clarke was working to split off Spina Khanate from the rest of the Clan. On the 21st of September the Spina Khanate command ship Poseidon arrived and nearly destroyed the Voidswimmer. The ship reactivated its decades-unused Interplanetary drives and managed to get out of the way, but suffered moderate damage to itself with some 400+ casualties and two dozen deaths.[3]

OvKhan Petr Kalasa took a shuttle to the Poseidon, to meet with saKhan and present him with evidence of Sha's betrayal of the Clan. Immediately after the meeting, saKhan Mikel Sennet ordered all JumpShips to find the Khan and protect him. The Voidswimmer immediately jumped as part of Sea Fox's fleet spreading out to find the Khan.[4]

The Voidswimmer was used to transport the Spirit Cats' expedition to the world of Marik in late September 3137.[5] Later the ship's warriors were sent as part of bargain deal to secure Marik in July of 3138.

The ship participated in Operation HOMECOMING, as part of coalition forces to secure Atreus for new unified Free Worlds League. In 24 April 3139 its presence prevented Regulan forces from landing on the planet, saving the operations from failure.[6]


Attached to the hulls of the ships are gutted Behemoth and other classes of DropShips permanently sealed and paralleled to Voidswimmer's hull. They serve as habitats and additional storage bases called Communities, named in by Greek alphabetic order.

Many of these former DropShips were welded carefully together to form external community centers/habitats. An example on the Voidswimmer was Beta Community. It contained a Market Square Beta, which can be described as amorphous line stretching and snaking around an open region.[7]

Which is base of an vast open-ceiling region reaches 150 meters high with dome at its top. The process of assembly these communities have been gone over the decades since retired WarShips were converted into CargoShips and ArcShips.

People living in these external communities move about interior of the gutted DropShips like well coordinated schools of fish. Launching from sides of the interior to other sides. Nearly several hundred people can be moving about at the same time. Beta Community has a population of 12,000.[8]


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