Wagon Wheel

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Wagon Wheel
Production information
Manufacturer Taurian Concordat
Introduced 2570
Production Year 2570[1]
Use Frigate
Tech Base Star League
Cost 3,693,394,000 Cbills
Technical specifications
Mass 650,000 tons
Length 700 meters
Sail Diameter 1003 meters
Fuel 8,000 tons (20,000)
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2 g
Top Thrust 3 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 14
LF Battery No
Armament 3 x NL45
4 x NL35
2 x Medium NPPCs
3 x LRM-15s
12 x White Sharks
6 x SRM-6s
8 x NAC/35s
2 x NAC/10
12 x AC/5s
6 x AC/10s
Armor Fore: 46
Fore-Sidse: 47
Aft-Sides: 47
Aft: 40
609 tons Standard Armor
DropShip Capacity 2
Crew 279
Grav Decks 3 x two 300 meter diameter, one 200 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 24/35
Heat Sinks 2,000
Structural Integrity 47
BV (1.0) 102,313[2]
BV (2.0)


Named for the wagon wheels of ancient Terra because of the spokes attaching the trio of Grav Decks to the WarShip's hull, the Wagon Wheel-class frigate was intended to bolster the Taurian Concordat's navy, as well as the navy of other Periphery realms, entering service just prior to the formation of the Star League.[2]

Initially planned as a heavy troop transport with a very long operating range, the Wagon Wheel's original design included over a dozen Docking collars and three large, exterior-mounted grav decks to maintain morale on long patrols. But political wrangles, cost overruns and technical issues led to the removal of the majority of the docking collars and a large increase in engine thrust and armament, transforming the Wagon Wheel into a heavily-armed, fast-attack ship. However, legal obligations with subcontractors forced the designers to retain the oversized grav decks, despite their crippling effect on the vessel's maneuverability.[2]

The Concordat produced only a handful of Wagon Wheels, but they played a notable part in the history of that Periphery nation. The destruction of two of the class by Davion WarShips in 2573 during the so-called Malagrotta Affair cemented the enmity between the Concordat and the Federated Suns and helped trigger the Reunification War. During that conflict, a re-prioritization of military spending ended production of the design.[2] Only one Wagon Wheel was known to have survived into the Star League era, the TCS Merope, which was still active on the eve of the Amaris Coup.[3]


The Wagon Wheel's forward firing weaponry features three NL45s, two Medium NPPCs and three LRM-15s mounted in its nose bays, with three White Shark tubes and SRM-6 launchers supported by a NL35 on each fore quarter. The vessel's broadside consists entirely of autocannons, with two twin NAC/35 mounts supported by six AC/5s and three AC/10s on each side capable of unleashing a literal rain of lead. The aft armament consisted of three White Shark tubes on each quarter, with two NL35 and a pair NAC/10s mounted directly aft.[2]


Beyond its two remaining DropShip collars, the Wagon Wheel has a 92,790 ton cargo bay, the non-transport focus better reflected in the addition of twelve AeroSpace Fighter and four Small Craft bays.[2]

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