Warner MechWarrior Academy

Warner Mechwarrior Academy
Academy Information
Location Solaris VII
Founding Year After Fourth Succession War
Course Information
BattleMech Unknown-3068

Warner MechWarrior Academy was a very small academy on Solaris VII that basically trained MechWarrior wannabees.[1]


Founded by a second rate arena fighter and conman, the Warner MechWarrior Academy was a far cry from the formal military academies of the Great Houses, basically surviving thanks to the egos of numerous wannabees MechWarriors who flock to Solaris, dreaming of entering the games. Since the Fourth Succession War the Academy boasted that it had graduated more than "500" MechWarriors, though Vanderholf rarely acknowledges that a mere handful are still alive on 3051.[1]

The Warner MechWarrior Academy was one of the early victims of the Word of Blake Jihad, being destroyed within the first 24 hours of Blakist occupation of Solaris.[2]


The Warner MechWarrior Academy was run by Clease Vanderholf, who covered all positions in the Academy.[1]


Warner Mechwarrior Academy occupied the grounds of an old apartment complex and a nearby factory in Kalamazoo.[1]


At least six students are enrolled in the Academy's 16-week combat course at any given time. Students train in one of the Academy's four Chameleons, all in rather shoddy condition, with Vanderholf directing all fees towards benefits to himself rather than back into the school.[1]


Local news papers periodically ran exposes on Werner Mechwarrior Academy and rewards against the con man's head from families grieving from their loss of a son or a daughter who trained there are not unheard of.[1] He did survive them all.[2]


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