Watchdog System


Inner Sphere intelligence agencies have dubbed the new Clan electronics suite the "Watchdog Composite Electronic Warfare System (CEWS)" because it combines the best of the Clan Light Active Probe systems and enhanced ECM suites. By performing the functions of both systems in one device, the Watchdog enables Clan OmniMechs to mount additional weapons or armor.[1] Clan Smoke Jaguar began research and development of the Watchdog in 3057 with prototypes completed by 3059. Their destruction saw these prototypes distributed among the various Clans, although large-scale production has yet to begin.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

The Watchdog system performs two functions: those of standard Clan ECM suites and Light Active Probes. Apply all rules for both pieces of equipment when the watchdog is active.[1]

The Watchdog weighs 1.5 tons and occupies 2 critical slots.[3]

Year: 3059+

Cost: 600,000 C-Bills

BV2: 68


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