Wayne Waco

Wayne Waco
Wayne Waco
Character Profile
Born 2968
Died 18 October 3067
Affiliation Waco Rangers
Rank Colonel
Profession MechWarrior
Spouse Fiona Richel
Children John Waco

Colonel Wayne Waco was the commander of the Waco Rangers mercenary unit. He and his Rangers had pursued a vendetta against Wolf's Dragoons ever since an engagement between the two units on New Aragon resulted in the death of Waco's son when a Dragoon 'Mech stepped on him after he had ejected from his downed Locust.[1] The Rangers claimed the incident was intentional, while the Dragoons claimed it was an accident.[2]


Early Life and career[edit]

Born on the Capellan world of Le Blanc, Waco was recognized for having MechWarrior potential as a child, and by adulthood he was assigned by the CCAF to the Second Kearny Highlanders, piloting a Vindicator BattleMech. He married a fellow warrior, Fiona Richel, and later had a son, John Waco. When his wife was killed by AFFS aerospace fighters, he left active duty to become an instructor at Sian University. When he left the university, he became an accomplished Company commander with the First Tau Ceti Rangers. When that unit was disbanded in 3007, he decided to form the Waco Rangers, initially a company-sized unit.[3] They accepted a contract with House Liao.

Fighting the Dragoons on New Aragon[edit]

While on New Aragon in 3008, they saw heavy combat against Wolf's Dragoons (then in the employ of the Federated Suns). The Dragoons' Zeta Battalion smashed through the Rangers' light 'Mechs, resulting in the death of John Waco. Apparently, a Dragoon Stalker inadvertently crushed the younger Waco after his Locust was destroyed. Wayne Waco and his officers promptly declared vengeance against the Dragoons, despite a ComStar investigation clearing the Dragoons of intentional wrongdoing.[4] Wayne's pain and fury were such that he swore what he called a "Death Oath" against the Dragoons, sworn to kill any Dragoon his forces captured. [5] Afterward, Wayne and his Rangers refused employment with any Successor State that also employed the Dragoons.[6]

Later years[edit]

By 3049, Waco had apparently turned over field command of the Rangers to Colonel Wayne Rogers, though Waco maintained ownership of the unit. They served with the Free Worlds League during this time.[7] Apparently, by the aftermath of the Clan Invasion, the unit's reputation had dropped significantly.

In 3053, he achieved a small measure of satisfaction when he sat as one of the judges on the Mercenary Review Board panel when the Dragoons were brought up on charges of one of their battalions violating the terms of its contract while in service to House Marik. Though Jaime Wolf could have brushed the matter under the carpet, he felt it necessary to demonstrate that the Dragoons were not above the system they themselves had championed. Wolf was suspended from active service for one year. [8]

Later hired by the Lyran Alliance, the unit faced Clan Jade Falcon at the Battle of Coventry. Not only was most of the unit destroyed, but they suffered the indignity of being rescued, in part, by elements of Wolf's Dragoons. Colonel Rogers was among the casualties during this engagement.[9] Waco was left to rebuild the shattered Rangers with only a company of 'Mechs, essentially the same as when he first created the Unit.[10]

Jihad and death[edit]

Waco was killed leading an insurrection of disaffected MechWarriors against the Dragoons on Outreach. This insurrection was heavily orchestrated by the Word of Blake, who had viewed the Dragoons as a thorn in their side for some time and played on Wayne Waco's legendary hatred for the Dragoons and Jaime Wolf in particular.[11][12] However, Waco was not strictly under Blakist influence; on 11 October 3067, he called his Word of Blake liaison Leopold Jenkins, days before the planned insurrection, and attempted to convince him to attack that very day. Jenkins refused and Waco murdered him, then began the assault days earlier than Jenkins intended, in order to exploit a relative weakness of the Dragoons forces on planet. Wayne really didn't expect to win or survive to the battle, like most of his Rangers veterans; he only wanted to hurt the Dragoons.[13]

On 18 October 3067, amid the conflict, Waco's and Jaime Wolf's command lances engaged each other in battle, until only Waco and Wolf remained. Both died in their final duel, Waco never realizing that he had killed Wolf.[13] Waco and his destroyed BattleMaster were found near the Archer that contained a slain Jaime Wolf.[11][12]

Unfortunately, the Word of Blake–incited insurrection was the final chapter in their history; Waco's Rangers died on Outreach with their founder, wiped out to the last man by a heartbroken and recklessly furious Wolf's Dragoons. This event was considered by many to have been the opening salvo of the Jihad.[11][12]


In his final battle on Outreach, Waco piloted a BattleMaster.[13]




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