Welcome to the Nebula California

Welcome to Nebula California cover.jpg
Welcome to the Nebula California
Product information
Type Sourcebook/Plotbook
(April Fools)
Development Ben Rome
Primary writing Herb A. Beas II
Paul Sjardijn
Pages 74
Cover Artwork Matt Cross, David Kerber
Interior Artwork Matt Cross, David Kerber
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35APR23
First published 1 April 2015
Era Dark Age
Timeline 3105
Series April Fools releases
Followed by Plenty of Room in the Nebula California

Welcome to the Nebula California is a humorous sourcebook and plot book, released as a free 2015 April Fools product.

The sourcebook is done in the style of an Interstellar Expeditions report on the rimward region of space known as the California Nebula. The report details several inhabited worlds that are incredible different (by BattleTech universe standards) civilizations. However, the expedition also faces the inability to return to the Inner Sphere.

The sourcebook provides regional data, character creation rules, record sheets, Alpha Strike Cards, weapons/equipment rules, and units customized for this noncanon adventure.

Official Product Description[edit]

I Think I Feel a Song Coming On!

ComStar lied! (We know: Big shock!) They said they checked out this distant rimward nebula, which ancient charts called “California” for some reason. Perhaps because someone in IE’s corporate mish­mash of a leadership didn’t trust them—or more likely because they forgot that there even was a report from the Explorer Corps—the loose confederation of explorers, prospectors, and dig gypsies who make up Interstellar Expeditions thought they’d check it out again... Contrary to an unremarkable (and uninhabited) region of stars surrounded by the dusty shell of a millions­-year-­old explosion, IE’s expedition to the California Nebula has made some startling discoveries!

Welcome to the Nebula California (AKA Explorer’s Report: California Nebula) offers a few new venues for off­beat BattleTech adventures far from the hustle, bustle, and yet predictable chaos of the Dark Age­ era Inner Sphere. Here, far from known civilizations (and from HPGs!), are worlds, societies, and technologies unlike any seen back home! Special rules, back-stories,and yes, even record sheets, are included for a host of new (and hopefully unique) ...things, ready for play in your (really) advanced BattleTech and A Time of War games.


  • Explorers Report: California Nebula — page 1
  • Monsters of Iron and Fire (Short Story) — page 3
  • The Forgotten Kingdoms of Toreel — page 7
  • The Star Empire — page 10
    Technical Specs - T-Fighter
    Technical Specs - X-Fighter
    Technical Specs - Scout Walker
    Technical Specs - Assault Transport
  • Drones of Syberia — page 13
Selected Syberian Drone Units
  • Seeker-Class Fighter Mech
    Sounder-Class Wheeled Mech
    Beetle-Class Wheeled Mech
    Grimdark-Class Bestial Mech
    Tankus-Class Tracked Mech
    Leader-Class Wheeled Mech
  • The Superior Humans of "Earth" — page 19
    Circulus Oculus
    Jane Grey
    Skunk Bear
  • Conclusions — page 24
  • Rules Annex — page 25
    Castles and Critters / Roadfinder
    Force Gets Disturbed
    Till Are Won
    Earth's Haughtiest Heroes
  • Record Sheets — page 55
  • Alpha Strike Data Cards — page 66