Weldon Kleppinger

Weldon Kleppinger


Weldon Kleppinger was an academic, who published his doctoral thesis in 2706. In 2721 Kellpinger was a Professor at Tharkad University, lecturing in Poli-Science. One of Kleppinger's students in 2721 was Aleksandr Kerensky, future Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force. When fellow student Elias Luvon attempted to discredit Kerensky by framing him for cheating in exams, Kleppinger was one of those involved in the resulting academic review. Dean Albrecht of the University was also involved in the academic review, as was Michael Steinter, who accompanied Kerensky as his advocate, and Colonel Baumgarten of the Eleventh Royal BattleMech Division in his capacity as acting Commanding Officer of the Nagelring Academy. During the review, Kerensky cited a point made by Kleppinger in his doctoral thesis.[1]


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