Wenter Kisiel

Wenter Kisiel
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Rank Star Commander
Profession MechWarrior

Star Commander Wenter Kisiel was a Bloodnamed Clan Wolf MechWarrior who served during Operation REVIVAL.[1]


Wenter Kisiel won his Bloodname with a lopsided victory. However, his ristar status would fade in time as it became clear he was not a great commander.[2]

Prior to the Battle of Tukayyid, Wenter Kisiel served in the Bravo Command Star of Trinary Command within the 352nd Assault Cluster, under Star Colonel Erik Kerensky.[1]

Wenter was wounded during the fighting on Tukayyid.[1]


Wenter Kisiel piloted a Summoner OmniMech.[1]


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