White Cloud

White Cloud
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Sovetskii Soyuz
In service until 3067


Star League Service[edit]

The Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser[1] SLS White Cloud was the winner of the Best WarShip category of the 2736 Martial Olympiad.[2]

Surviving the Caspar drone assault during Operation LIBERATION, the White Cloud was among the SLDF WarShips assigned to suppress the Amaris Empire Armed Forces fighters and Terran based SDS ground bases during the SLDF landings on 30 January 2777. One of the White Clouds aerospace fighter squadrons would attract notoriety during the offensive for performing a continuous stream of fourteen sorties in forty-eight hours thanks to a combination of determination and combat stims. The squadron was finally rotated off the battle line on 2 February after an exhausted Gotha pilot misguided his landing approach, wrecking his plane and crippling the White Clouds Bay 3 arrestor assembly for over an hour.[3]

The White Cloud survived the Hegemony Campaign to liberate Terra from the forces of Stefan Amaris, and subsequently followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus.[1]

Service with Clan Snow Raven[edit]

As of 3061, the White Cloud had been subsumed into the Clan Snow Raven touman and was serving as the CSR White Cloud, one of five WarShips that made up the Snow Raven Swift Wing Naval Assault Star.[1] The White Cloud continued to serve in the Swift Wing Naval Assault Star throughout the 3060s alongside the McKenna-class battleship CSR James McKenna, the Cameron-class battlecruiser CSR Blizzard, the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSR White Terror and the Lola III-class destroyer CSR Spur.[4]

It served around Homer during the Wars of Possession.[5]

The White Cloud was lost in the Kazanka system in early 3067 after the Draconis Combine scuttled the recharge station it was docked to, the White Cloud having claimed a recharge from the Kazanka nadir recharge station as isorla in one of the clashes in the system.[6] The destruction of the White Cloud using what the Snow Ravens considered to be dishonorable or dezgra tactics was a major factor in the Snow Raven's decision to begin moving towards a partnership between the Clan and the Outworlds Alliance periphery state.[7]

The destruction of the White Cloud also led to the Swift Wing Naval Assault Star launching retaliatory raids against the undefended Draconis Combine worlds of Enif, Galedon V and Tabayama between the 10th and 14th of July 3068.[8]


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