White Hand Stables

White Hand Stables
Colors/Badge black and silver
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran[citation needed]
Elite (3067)
Rating AA (3054)
A (3067)
Faction Affiliation Federated Suns
Units Used
BattleMechs 38 (3053)
33 (3067)


White Hand Stables was a House Davion-affiliated 'Mech fighting Stable based on Solaris VII with a history of fair treatment for its 'MechWarriors. The Stable is based in Black Hills.[1]


The Stable was formed in 2907.[1]

The Stable was able to navigate the complex 3050s and early 3060s though nevertheless they suffered losses in the 3062 Solaris Riots.[2]

The Stable merged with Banshees Stables on 3071, announced by Jason Bloch[3] with Tanya O'Bannon in charge. After that sometimes the stable was called Banshee-Gemini Stables‎.[4]


To keep the Stable's MechWarriors fit and their skills honed, White Hand runs an annual six-week training camp at their Wolf Creek training grounds.


  • Fiona Louden leads the Stable with skill and a fair treatment of her personal.[2]

Notable Personnel[edit]

Master Technician[edit]

  • Abel Trent - A highly skilled Senior tech who loves and defend its work against unnessarcy damage through mechwarriors. Some of the technical information Abel has collected appears to have come from ComStar ROM.

Stable Instructor[edit]

The Stable is known for his ruthless tasksmasters.

  • Regina "Queenie" McDowell - A Warrior with her roots in the mercenary unit Hansen's Roughriders. A veteran of the War of 3039, she lost her right arm in that conflict. Having it replaced by bionic substitute, she retired from mercenary work while her luck lasted. She found work under Fiona Louden. Stern believer in displining her charges, she became to be known as Taskmaster. Queenie believed that instilling discipline into her students would keep them from losing their lives in battle.[5]


In 3051 46 MechWarriors were fighting for White Hand Stables.[6]

In 3067 40 MechWarriors were fighting for White Hand Stables.[2]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Rich Blane Civil War [7]
Rhian Caselton Succession Wars Solaris VII Grand Champion from 2928 to 2931 [8]
Manfred Holm Clan Invasion Ranked 7th in Solaris Top Twenty [9]
Alley MacLanahan Civil War
Stephen Neils Clan Invasion
Civil War
Ranked 16th in the Top 20 Unlimited Class List [11]
Elizabeth O'Bannon Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Solaris VII Grand Champion from 3051 to 3053 [12]
Tanya O'Bannon Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Solaris VII Grand Champion from 3051 to 3053 [12]
Byron Ulmer Dark Age [13]

Tactics and Style[edit]

The Stables favors long-range firepower over close-in slug fests. They are known to be crack shots, though they are discouraged from taking aim at an opponent's cockpit.[2]


The Stables own the Wolf Creek and smaller facilities through out the city . This main facility is located 200 kilometers outside of Solaris City in pleasant woodland area.[14]


In 3053 the Stable has a 20% cut of winning gained by its MechWarriors and the MechWarriors receive a 1.000 C-Bill salary a month. These contracts are noted for being long term & unbreakable. MechWarriors are treated in luxury, but should they not live up to the stables' standard, they would be shuffled away back to lower ranking arenas where grunt work is done.[15]

In 3067 the Stable has a 30% cut of winning gained by its MechWarriors and the MechWarriors receive a 1.000 C-Bill salary a month.


Game Rules[edit]

The Stable as of 3067 has access to A Rated Equipment.

White Hand MechWarriors gain a -1 to-hit modifier for attacks made at long range, but suffer a +1 to-hit penalty when firing and short range and also in physical attacks

When resolving hit locations, re-roll any head shots once, taking the second result (even if another head hit).[16]


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