White Tip

3026 Neptune.jpg
White Tip
Production information
Manufacturer Bigoti Seacraft
Use Command Vehicle
Mobile HQ
Combat Support Vessel
Naval Patrol Ship
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Chassis Type (Size) Naval Vessel (Medium, Template A)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 3074
Technical specifications
Mass 250 Tons
Speed 3
Top Speed 5
Power Plant fusion
Fuel (Type/Range)
Communications System Unspecified
Fire Control System Advanced
Heat Sinks 5
Armor Unspecified
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 8
Crew 36
6 officers
19 enlisted/non-rated
11 gunners
BV (2.0) 902[1]


The White Tip command submarine was a Word of Blake support vehicle that was created for the Protectorate during the Jihad. First produced on Keid in 3074, the White Tip was used by the Blakist as not only an inexpensive command vessel but also as an auxiliary combatant for coastal patrols.

During the liberation of Keid by Devlin Stone's Coalition forces, six of these submarines were in service and used to fight off the invasion. Their performance during the battle impressed the Coalition forces, which put efforts into placing the remaining four ships back into service for the Coalition.

By 3079, Bigoti Seacraft began marketing these ships to other worlds for sale.[2]

Armament and Capabilities[edit]

The ship has a variety of long-range weaponry to keep its foes from bringing harm to its thinly armored hull. Its arsenal includes a pair of 15-tubed Long Range Torpedo launchers located in its bow and stern. In addition to the LRT-15s, a smaller 10-tubed LRT is mounted in the ship's turret. The vessel's close-range weaponry consists of a pair of 4-tubed Short Range Torpedo launchers also situated in the turret and an Extended Range Medium Laser in the bow. The ship's weapons are guided by a military-grade Advanced Fire Control system.

For the ship's principal job as a command vessel, the ship has been fitted with 7 tons of Communication Equipment, providing commanders with a wide spectrum of abilities to help guide the battle from afar.

Built to commercial standards, the White Tip uses 4 tons of civilian grade armor up to BAR 8 strength. The ship mostly uses its stealthy abilities as a submarine to elude would-be attackers. To extend its longevity, the ship is capable of carrying 30 tons worth of cargo.[3]


  • The ship features the following modules and capabilities: Submersible Chassis and Controls Modification, Field Kitchen, MASH (1 surgical theater), 3 first-class quarters, 4 second-class quarters, and 6 steerage quarters.[3]
  • Catalyst Game Labs recycled the Neptune Submarine's image to visually represent the White Tip. As of this writing, there is no fluff supporting that White Tip is a variant of Neptune.


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