Whitworth Specialty Manufacturing

Whitworth Specialty Manufacturing
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Benjamin
Primary Products BattleMechs

The Draconis Combine based Whitworth Specialty Manufacturing is focused on the manufacture of replacement parts for and refitting and upgrading of the maligned Whitworth BattleMech.


Incorporated on Benjamin in 3035, the company was created to manufacture spare parts specific to the WTH-1 which had become increasing rare after the destruction of the Dieron based Whitworth Company in 2776. Rumors indicate that ComStar was apparently influential in the company's startup, reportedly part of the aid the organization offered to Theodore Kurita as part of Operation Rosebud. [1]

With the return of LosTech thanks to the Helm Memory Core the company expanded into developing upgrades for the mediocre design, first with field refit kits like the WTH-2 during the era of the Clan Invasion and later more involved upgrades. During the Jihad the company was under exclusive contract with the DCMS to refurbish a stockpile of old and decommissioned WTH-1s to the modern Multi-Missile Launcher equipped WTH-K version. [2]


Whitworth Specialty Manufacturing has a refit center on the planet Benjamin.

Components produced on Benjamin:
Component Type
Whitworth-2 Medium BattleMech
Whitworth-K Medium BattleMech
Whitworth Type 1?? Endo Steel Chassis - Whitworth-K
QuestStar Improved Jump Jets - Whitworth-K


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