Widowmaker revised.png
(Latrodectus Mactans Edenopis)
Creature information
Type Arachnid, Introduced, Mutated
Homeworld Eden
Environment subtropical regions
Average mass .01 kg
Average length 3 centimeters
Average height 1 centimeter

The Widowmaker is an arachnid found on the planet Eden in the Kerensky Cluster.[1][2]


During the Exodus Civil War, several Terran Black Widow spiders escaped from a science lab into the nearby jungles of Eden. The spider's descendants quickly prospered and grew to three times their normal size. Their aggressiveness and the strength of their poison increased by a similar amount as they adjusted to their new home. These qualities made them a prime choice as a totem animal for the Clans when Nicholas Kerensky was looking for candidates. Thus the species became the symbol of Clan Widowmaker.[1][2]


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