Production information
Manufacturer Bowie Industries
Production Year 3086[1]
Model WKT-1S
Class Light Aerospace Fighter
Tech Base Advanced
Technical specifications
Mass 45 Tons
Structural Integrity 8
Frame Bowie 70
Power Plant PlasmaStar 270 Light
Fuel 4 tons

Binary Laser
2 x MML 5s
ER Medium Laser

Communications System Rander 250
Tracking & Targeting System Rander TA8
Heat Sinks 10 Double heat sinks
BV (2.0) 1,291[2][3][4]


First Deployed in 3088, the Wildkatze became the Lyran Commonwealth's newest frontline light Aerospace Fighter. The design was born due to need for a replacement to the Seydlitz, which was lost due to Isle of Skye and the Shipil Company being gifted to the formation of the Republic of the Sphere. After being introduced into service, the Wildkatze was first deployed to border forces as a Air & Space Superiority fighter. The fighter's first pilots were initially former Seydlitz pilots who found the craft comparable to their old rides.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed with the principles of acceleration and firepower, the Wildkatze was created to be able to counter the Commonwealth's contemporaries in the field of battle. Using a Light Fusion Engine, the craft is capable high-speeds upward of 6Gs. The engine's weight saving allows the Wildkatze to be fitted with considerable firepower. Its main weapon is its Defiance B33B Binary Laser, with produces high heat but gives the ship considerable punch. Supporting weapons include a pair of Helga Series 5-Tube Multi-Missile Launchers, while a Defiance Model XII Extended-Range Medium Laser protects the ship's aft.

The ship employs 9 tons of Bowie Glinting Blade Reflective armor, giving the Wildkatze's hull considerable protection from incoming laser fire, but making it more vulnerable to autocannon and missile fire.[6]


  • WKT-2S 
    This later version of the Wildkatze (first deployed in 3090), is a high-performance variant. The variant drops the Binary Laser Cannon for a more conventional ER Large Laser. The ship's main engine is swapped for an Extra Light Fusion Engine, allowing more room for the additional improvement to its armor, fuel, weaponry and ammunition. These would include a third 5-tube Multi-Missile Launcher and an Anti-Missile System. BV2=(?)[7][8]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Wildkatze is subject to the following Design Quirk:


As of this writing, there is currently no record sheet for the Wildkatze's variant.

Wildkatze is german and simply translates to Wild Cat.


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