Wilhelmina Korsht

Wilhelmina Korsht
Character Profile
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Profession Colonel

Wilhelmina Korsht was a Colonel in the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command, serving as the original commander of Gamma Regiment.


Early Life and Career[edit]

As was the case with most of the "original" Dragoons, little is known of Korsht’s early life. It is highly likely she was born on the Clan Homeworlds, almost certainly a freeborn birth. At some point during the Dragoon Compromise, she was chosen to join the newly formed Wolf's Dragoons, who were performing reconnaissance for the Clans in the Inner Sphere.

It is known that Korsht was chosen to command Gamma Regiment upon the Dragoons' arrival into the Inner Sphere under the rank of Colonel,[1][2] though it was stated that she was considered young for such a position at the time.[3]

Early years commanding Gamma Regiment[edit]

In service to House Davion[edit]

Korsht and Gamma Regiment were part of the first major Dragoon operation on the Capellan world of Halloran V in February 3006, which had been used as a staging ground to raid Davion planets by Marion's Highlanders and the Blackwind Lancers. Gamma would join with Beta Regiment, Delta Regiment and Zeta Battalion as well as the Seventh Kommando special forces unit, all under the overall command of Colonel Jaime Wolf.[4][5] Within only five days, the Dragoons had routed both enemy regiments and achieved their first real victory.[6]

In January 3007, Gamma Regiment was on New Valencia along with Delta and Epsilon Regiments when all five regiments of McCarron's Armored Cavalry attacked. Under Korsht's overall command, the Dragoons quickly evacuated their dependents to their base at Fort Jaime, and then began using their support battalions to set up a defensive screen. The Liao mercenaries soon besieged the Dragoons at Fort Jaime while taking control of the city of Raiteland, where they caused widespread havoc, destroying several civilian buildings. Despite all this, the three Dragoon regiments held Fort Jaime, turning back multiple attacks with great determination. As the days passed, word came that all three regiments of the Eridani Light Horse were on their way to New Valencia to reinforce the Dragoons. At risk of being trapped and destroyed, Colonel Archibald McCarron reluctantly ordered a retreat.[7] It may be assumed that by this time, Korsht was already recognized as the second-highest-ranking officer within the Dragoons.[8]

In March 3008, Gamma Regiment and virtually all of Wolf's Dragoons were rotated to Halloran, having been chosen to participate in the critical invasion of New Aragon, along with five AFFS Regimental Combat Teams. These forces included the vaunted Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry, which would accompany the Dragoons, along with elements of the Avalon Hussars and Crucis Lancers.[9] After the death of Delta Regiment's Colonel Travis King, Korsht attended a meeting of top Dragoon officers on 11 April. She reproached Epsilon Colonel Dana McGuire for his assertion that the Liao defenses must be weakened in the fighting, and commented that Major Sarah Weisz, Delta's provisional commander, was fortunate to have enough troops left to field two battalions, a point she reinforced to Major Kelly Yukinov was not a reflection on King's performance. When Colonel Frank Wells of Zeta Battalion proposed an attack through El Diablo Pass, Korsht countered that the pass was under observation by the Waco Rangers and that it could be easily reinforced by other Capellan units. Wells proposed that something be done to distract the defenders from the pass, allowing the Dragoons to push through. When Wolf approved the plan and called on Korsht to prepare her swiftest battalion for the operation, Korsht did not hesitate to volunteer Gamma's Baker Battalion.[10] The Dragoons and their AFFS allies would ultimately triumph as New Aragon returned to Davion hands.[11]

The Battle of Samho Plain[edit]

Korsht continued to lead Gamma Regiment against House Marik forces on Wallacia and later on Scarborough in 3011. On the latter, two brigades of the Fusiliers of Oriente confronted Gamma on the Samho Plain, cutting them off from the other Dragoons. Korsht called for reinforcements, but Wolf was forced to tell her that none were able to reach her.[12] Korsht put up an effective mobile defense to protect Gamma's lines, using her heavy 'Mechs to hold the perimeter while her lighter forces shifted to meet enemy incursions. The Battle of Samho Plain saw six attacks over three days from the Free Worlds League Military forces as they attempted to break the Dragoons; all six times they were sent back in retreat. Finally, low on ammunition and having taken losses, Korsht organized a breakthrough attempt, taking advantage of heavy fog and using her light 'Mechs to hold her perimeter while her heavy and assault 'Mechs led the southward thrust. The Marik forces soon realized what was happening and pushed the Dragoons hard. Korsht ordered her light troops to fall back. When the fog lifted, Dragoon aerospace fighters moved in to support Gamma's escape, holding off the Free Worlders until it was executed. Korsht's plan and the movements of the weather had saved Gamma Regiment and inflicted significant losses on the Marik troops. The Dragoons soon withdrew from Scarborough in good order.[13]

Gamma would later take part in the successful defense of Shiro III in 3012. This led to the ultimate failure of the Marik campaign.[14]

Anton's Revolt[edit]

Main article: Anton's Revolt

Under contract to Anton Marik in 3014, Gamma joined a large rebel task force in the assault on Emris IV, joined by Alpha and Beta Regiments, as well as Zeta Battalion, the Fire Support Group and two rebel aerospace wings. Opposing them were the Sixth and Ninth Marik Militia.[15] Advancing on Ivanograd, Korsht and Gamma Regiment were halted in their advance by the Death Watch Brigade, the elite assault battalion of the Sixth Militia.[16] Korsht later used diversionary attacks to allow other Dragoon forces to emerge behind the defenders.[17]

When Anton Marik turned on the Dragoons in 3015, Korsht and Gamma joined in on the assault on New Delos. On 23 March, Korsht attended a meeting of Dragoon commanders to discuss their position. She suggested leading Gamma Regiment through the forest to attack the rear of Anton's base before word came that Anton had set the forest on fire.[18] The Dragoons were ultimately triumphant.


With Korsht still in command of Gamma in early 3023, the Dragoons left House Steiner's service, signing on with the Draconis Combine. As they traveled across the Combine, Colonel Wolf took Alpha, Gamma and Delta Regiments to strike at House Davion on the industrial world of Quentin IV in June.[19] Colonel Wolf himself commanded the Dragoon task force, implementing a bold strategy. The Dragoons would feign an attack on Port Gailfry, draw the AFFS troops out, then turn and attack their true target, the underdefended Independence Weaponry factory at Fasolht.[20] On 14 June, Korsht, Wolf and other Dragoon officers would meet their liaison, Chu-sa Minobu Tetsuhara, for the first time.[21] During the following meetings, Korsht was adamant that the Dragoons had successfully cleared the area around the Batan Spaceport for Coordinator Takashi Kurita's arrival, so any failure in his personal safety could not be placed on the Dragoons.[22] Korsht later took the field, while most of Gamma Regiment remained in orbit.[23] While most of Gamma Regiment was held in reserve, elements of Delta Regiment quickly set up around Port Gailfry.[24]


In January 3025, as part of an operation to distract House Davion from the upcoming Galtor Campaign, Beta and Gamma Regiments, along with Zeta Battalion, were chosen to invade the world of Deshler, a key border world and site of a former 'Mech factory, the Aghama 'Mechworks, that had long since been damaged but still housed very valuable equipment. While Colonel Andrei Shostokovitch and Beta Regiment moved on the factory, Colonel Wilhelmina Korsht and Gamma attacked the Raman DMM in Valerian Bay. Gamma Regiment achieved surprise against the March Militia, seizing the aerospace facilities in the city of Katimi. Taking a few days to consolidate her troops, Korsht then moved against the DMM at Luft Wells. Meanwhile, the Betas slowly advanced, facing heavy resistance from the elite Fourth Davion Guards the entire way. With the support of Zeta Battalion, they were finally able to take the factories in early April, only to find that they'd been stripped of all valuable equipment. The Davion Guards had fallen back on Valerian Bay, and Gamma Regiment now faced considerable resistance. Their progress stalled. On 17 April, Korsht sent the Seventh Kommando behind enemy lines, where they began wreaking havoc to the Guards' interior defenses, even subjecting the Davion headquarters to Short Range Missile fire. When the Guards pulled back to deal with commando forces in their rear, Korsht ordered a full-scale assault on their ill-prepared lined. Although the Gammas were driven back, they inflicted enough damage to make the Guards' position untenable, and they proposed a truce to the Dragoons. Deshler had briefly fallen into House Kurita's hands. However, as the Combine attack on Marduk had failed and the Galtor campaign itself was slowly headed towards disaster, Deshler was at risk of being cut off. Takashi Kurita reluctantly ordered the Dragoons to withdraw. Although they had taken heavy damage and were unable to hold the planet, the Dragoons had succeeded in their primary task of preventing the Fourth Guards from joining in the defense of Galtor, although the Raman DMM would later see action in that campaign.[25][26][27]

Strife with the Dragon[edit]

When Warlord Grieg Samsonov attempted to seize direct command of the Dragoons in November 3024, he specifically cited Korsht's performance, depicting her as "incompetent", apparently due to his misogynistic views.[28]

In August 3026, Korsht attended a meeting of Dragoon officers with Wolf and Tetsuhara on An Ting. They raised a number of concerns with how the Dragoons had been treated by their employers.[29]

On 29 June, 3027, Korsht was part of another Dragoon meeting on An Ting that was interrupted by Tetsuhara and a cadre of Kuritan security officers summoning Wolf to a meeting with the Coordinator to answer for the Dragoons' unauthorized raid on Udibi. Korsht seconded Natasha Kerensky's proposal that the Dragoons break contract with Kurita for the repeated insults they had endured.[30]

While Colonel Wolf traveled to Luthien, Korsht, acting as the Dragoons' senior commander in Wolf's absence, arranged contingency plans in case Wolf was arrested or killed, planning for punitive counterattacks.[31]

Misery and the Fourth Succession War[edit]

Main article: Battle of Misery

In 3028, Korsht and Gamma Regiment joined the rest of the Dragoons on Misery, as relations between the mercenaries and House Kurita had deteriorated to the point of outright violence. The Battle of Misery would go down as one of the bloodiest 'Mech battles in history.

On 8 May, Gamma Regiment moved against the Seventeenth Galedon Regulars in the Hamar Valley. The Regulars fought much harder than expected, and although they were destroyed, Gamma suffered very serious casualties, particularly to Able Battalion. Both Majors Ikeo Takashima and Mary Campbell were among the fatalities.[32]

During the fighting on Misery, Korsht's 'Mech was destroyed. Her warriors fought hard to rescue their commander, and although they were successful, her entire command lance would be wiped out during the campaign.[33][34]

The Dragoons would emerge as the victors of Misery, but with astronomical losses that only fueled their feud with House Kurita. Gamma Regiment, in particular, had developed an intense, passionate hatred for House Kurita as a result of the fighting on Misery, and they would engage the DCMS troops in ferocious if not suicidal attacks.[35] The reorganized Gamma Regiment included 52 MechWarriors.[36]

Harrow's Sun[edit]

In preparation for the coming Fourth Succession War, both Gamma and Epsilon Regiments were assigned to garrison Harrow's Sun.[37] On 12 September 3028, the Eighth Galedon Regulars attacked Harrow's Sun. Major Arthur Dumont of Gamma Regiment was sent with two companies in an attempt to draw them towards the Dragoon defenses. On 28 September, the Kuritans pursued Dumont's two companies to Yustis Pass, where the Galedon Regulars' Bravo Battalion was ambushed by the heavy companies commanded by both Colonel Korsht and Colonel Arbuthnot, using the natural defensive positions offered by the pass to pound the Regulars' flanks. With the rest of the Regulars closing in, the Fate of Enemies soon brought their overwhelming numbers to bear on their ambushers, with Gamma Regiment's Command Lance taking the brunt of the fire. Dumont and Woomack pushed back with their companies to cover the retreat. Overall, two Galedon 'Mechs were destroyed and three more were crippled as the Dragoons continued to demonstrate their skill. Unfortunately, Colonel Korsht took heavy damage to her Marauder II, effectively taking her out of the fighting for a time. Her two lancemates were both killed in the exchange. Despite that fact, the Dragoons considered the operation a success. The clash at Yustis Pass proved to be the climax of the first phase of the campaign.[38][39][40][41][42]

For the next several months, the Galedon Regulars surrounded effectively laid siege to Fort Belvoir, where the Dragoons had set up their defenses.[43][44][45][46][47][48]

Finally, in June, the DCMS forces achieved a breakthrough after Kuritan infantry tunneled into the Fort, forcing the Dragoons to pull back from their lines or risk fighting a battle on two fronts.[49] Over the next several weeks, the Dragoons were forced to fall back with heavy casualties. The Dragoons continued to give ground until they held only the spaceport.[50] Fortunately, their DropShips had landed at the port during the lull, and when the Kuritans attempted to finish off the mercenaries, the ship's guns drove off the Regulars.[51] On 27 July 3029, just under a year after the battle had begun, the Dragoons retreated off Harrow's Sun, leaving the planet to the Galedon Regulars and House Kurita.[52][53][54] Of the 52 MechWarriors of Gamma Regiment who began the battle, 30 were killed and another ten were injured.[36]


On Crossing the combined Dragoons forces - now reduced to a single regiment - faced four full regiments of Galedon Regulars plus an elite Draconis Elite Strike Team 'Mech company designated as the "Sword of the Void". The remnants of Gamma consisted of Korsht and 18 warriors who had survived the crucibles of Misery and Harrow's Sun.[55] At the climax of the campaign, with the DEST commandos wreaking havoc on the Dragoons' interior defenses, Colonel Wolf turned over command of the remaining Dragoons to Korsht as he personally dispatched the remaining Sword of the Void warrior.[56] With the assistance of the Tenth Deneb Light Cavalry, who had fought besides Alpha Regiment on Glenmora, and a last-minute rescue by Zeta Battalion, the Dragoons ultimately prevailed at great cost in men and machines.[57][58] Of the 19 Gamma Regiment MechWarriors who had fought on Crossing, seven were killed and six more were injured, with two of those injuries being considered crippling.[55] Korsht was one of only three Gamma warriors considered operational at the end of the battle.


Despite it being stated she was nearing retirement age as of 3030,[59] Korsht was listed as still being Gamma Regiment's commander at the Battle of Luthien in 3052.[60] Decades later, the Dragoons would capture an Overlord-C-DropShip which they would rename the WDS Wilhelmina Korsht in her honor.[61]


Korsht's 'Mech of choice was a much cared-for Warhammer before it was destroyed on Misery.[33][62] Afterwards, Korsht piloted a salvaged Marauder II believed to have been piloted by Ikeo Takashima. Although the 'Mech took some damage at Yustis Pass during the Harrow's Sun campaign, it nevertheless saw Korsht through the remainder of that battle, and through Crossing as well.[40][62]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Korsht was known for her firm leadership, cunning and intelligence during her time in command of Gamma Regiment.[22][63][64][65] Her concern for her troops and her fellow Dragoons led her to become one of the most vocal of the anti-Kurita officers on staff during the contract with the Combine,[29][30] while Wolf's constant trust in Korsht, including placing her in acting command on Crossing when the Dragoons were fighting for their very existence, was a credit to her abilities.[31][56] Minobu Tetsuhara privately observed that "A brittle shell surrounded her, protecting a yielding yet strong center."[66]

Physically, Korsht was described as muscular for a woman, though possessing of feminine curves. Even after 20 years in command, Korsht still maintained a youthful appearance, with the wrinkles around her eyes being the only indication of her true age.[10][67][68] Privately, Korsht was known as "Willy" to her peers among the Dragoon command staff.[10][22] By the Fourth Succession War, Korsht was affectionately known as the "Old Lady" to her troops.[63]

Like most Dragoon officers, Korsht was rated an elite MechWarrior.[69]



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