William Dirac

William Dirac
Affiliation Fiefdom of Randis
Profession Grand Knight

Character History[edit]

William Dirac was Grand Knight of the Fiefdom of Randis between at least 3100 and 3128.

Co-operation between the Fiefdom and other nations continued, and in 31]] the government of Grand Knight William Dirac signed a number of pacts - both economic and military - with its two closest allies, the Calderon Protectorate and the Filtvelt Coalition. These pacts brought a number of benefits to the Fiefdom, such as improved BattleMech technology - allowing the Fiefdom to upgrade its iconic home-produced HawkWolf 'Mech[1] - with raw materials from the Randis system being used to not only initiate a number of small terraforming projects in the Protectorate but also to support BattleMech production in the Coalition.[2]

The level of cooperation between the Fiefdom, the Coalition and the Protectorate was tested in 3128. A bandit raiding force from the Tortuga Dominions a battalion in size raided Randis and inflicted substantial damage on the Hope Industrial Works. Grand Knight Dirac called on his allies for a retaliatory strike,[2] and in 3129 the Fiefdom embarked on Operation TRIDENT in conjunction with the Protectorate and the Coalition. Operation TRIDENT saw all three nations combine forces to strike at the Tortuga Dominions, with forces from all three nations working alongside each other on the various Dominion worlds.[1] The campaign saw the Brotherhood's First Battalion fight alongside battalions drawn from the Second Taurian Pride and the Thumper Assault Regiment for almost a year.[2] The largest battle of the campaign was fought on the Copper Ridge Plateau on New Port Royal. The allied forces had struck at several other Dominion planets before landing on New Port Royal and as a result, the pirates on New Port Royal had time to organize themselves and prepare for the arrival of the allied units.<ref name="TRO:3145Mp44/">

The TRIDENT force that landed on the Copper Ridge Plateau consisted of a battalion from the Second Taurian Pride, a battalion from the Thumpers Assault Regiment, and the Brotherhood of Randis' First Battalion led by Grand Knight William Dirac himself. The pirates had assembled a strength of approximately eight battalions and launched their attack as the TRIDENT forces were landing, with the TRIDENT forces barely having time to deploy before making contact with the pirates. The pirates pressed the TRIDENT forces hard, with Grand Knight Dirac committing the last of his available reserves to the front line after three hours of constant combat - and the battle lasted another ten hours before the pirates were forced to retreat, having been reduced to less than a third of their original strength.[1]


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