William Perez

William Perez
Born 3017
Died 9 July 3059
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Profession Galaxy Commander

William Perez (b. 3017 - d. 3059) was an elite[1] trueborn Elemental who first came to the command of Clan Smoke Jaguar's Delta Galaxy in 3040. Though considered cautious outside the combat arena by his Clan peers, he constantly threw himself into battle, personally leading his troops into every conflict. His ferocious recklessness was unmatched during his Galaxy’s actions in preparing for Operation Revival.

Perez’s reputation took a huge hit when rumors about possible Warden beliefs began circulating through the Clan Council. As they gained momentum, he faced a marked increase in challenges to his position. In 3048 Perez was transferred to Kappa Galaxy as the invasion of the Inner Sphere began.[2]

On 7 July 3055, the DCMS and Explorer Corps raided the Command post on Luzerne. Naval asset and Clan equipment information was smuggled back out of the system. It is unknown how Galaxy Commander Perez dealt with the incursion.[3]

Headquarters for the Galaxy was transferred to Luzerne by 3059. Galaxy Commander Perez oversaw the buildup and transfer of materiel to launch strikes against the Ghost Bear Occupation Zone, including the Sixth Striker Cluster.[4][5]

BULLDOG and death[edit]

Operation Bird Dog opened the SLDF attack on the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone. On 21 May 3059, Allen's Animals, a company detached from the Third Davion Guards, quietly landed on the Luzerne, but the Galaxy Commander left the defense of the Lawrence Pass supply depot to the Fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster. Watching the raiders movements against the Fourth PGC, Galaxy Commander Perez attacked with his Kappa Galaxy Command Trinary, pursuing them until Allen's Animals were strung across the countryside, only stopping when a heavy storm allowed their prey cover to go to ground. [6]

The full attack on Luzerne was included in the Second Wave of Bulldog on 30 June 3059. Refused safcon, the incoming SLDF forces were cut in half in orbit by Epsilon Galaxy Naval forces that were transferring the nascent Sixth Striker Cluster to the planet. The Third Davion Guards and 208th Division were scattered and attempted to acquire supplies at Old Mesa Commons, though the Jaguar units were ordered to conserve ammunition, not destroy supplies unless under threat of being taken, and minimize attrition. The Galaxy Commander did not rescind zellbrigen, allowing the ComStar 'Mechs to tie up the Jaguars and giving the transports time to abscond with much of their supplies. [7]

While the attackers had been pushed back to three SLDF outposts, Thün was their main supply base. The Jaguar forces attacked all three, hoping to catch the Spheroids unaware. Galaxy Commander Perez was killed leading the diversionary attack at the Lawrence Pass by the combined Davion/ComStar group. Planet defense fell to Star Colonel Samantha Kotare of the Sixth Striker. [8]


These Spheroids think they can continue to humiliate us with their pinprick raids and strikes? Let them rest in their assumptions. We are Clan Smoke Jaguar. We hunt as our namesake—follow our prey, exhaust them with our pursuit. When they tire, we will be there, waiting. Then there will be no more running. Just death.


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