Winds of Heaven

Winds of Heaven
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Inazuma


The Winds of Heaven was an Inazuma-class corvette manufactured by the Draconis Combine in the shipyards at Midway; space-worthy by 3058, the Winds of Heaven was undergoing shakedown trials alongside two sister ships of the same class, the DCS Amber Lotus and DCS Swiping Claw, before joining the lead ship of the class (the DCS Night of Agony) on active service.[1]

By 3067 the Winds of Heaven had been in service alongside her sister ships for some years,[2] although a fifth Inazuma-class corvette under construction at the Dieron shipyards in 3058 had either never entered service or had been destroyed in service to the Dragon.[1]

The Winds of Heaven was suborned by the Kokuryu-kai during the early stages of the Jihad, one of a number of the Combine WarShips that the Black Dragons had infiltrated and subsequently subverted to their cause. The Internal Security Force subsequently recaptured the Winds of Heaven[3] which went on to serve as an escort for one of the two massive mobile factory ships constructed in secret by the Combine using the hulls of the DCS Mount Niitaka and DCS Yamato.[4]

In 3100 the Winds of Heaven appeared in the Rasalhague system and engaged the Dominion battleship Ursa Major. The Winds of Heaven fought the Dominion ship alone for at least ten minutes, taking heavy damage in the process. Though almost crippled by the damage, the Winds of Heaven was able to break contact and escape. The Winds of Heaven's assault pulled the Ursa Major into perfect position for the Dieron Star and Lair of Mighty Wyrms to engage the Dominion ship.[5]


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