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Production information
Manufacturer Rawlings Technical
Model WS-2P
Class Ultralight
Cost 1,148,693
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 10 tons
Chassis DeMarc Endo-Light
Armor Jungston Duralight
Engine Hermes 100 XL (MASC)
Communications System Romarc Com-2000
Targeting Tracking System Valdmuir Duotac-10
Speed 159.8 km/h (216 km/h) km/h

1x Medium laser

BV (1.0)  ?
BV (2.0)  ?


Designed first and foremost to be a recon 'Mech, relying on its speed to avoid combat. If it meets an equally swift opponent it can engaged its Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry (MASC) to give it the extra boost it needs to make a getaway.

Pilots of the Wisp should always remember that "he who spies then runs away, may live to spy another day".

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The single Devron MX-2 Medium Laser is more useful at starting fires and harassing the enemy, rather than being a true anti-'Mech weapon. With barely enough armor to take a hit from the lightest of weapons, the primary mantra of the "Wisp" pilot is to see and not be seen.

Its Endo Steel frame allow it to be better armed and armored than 10 ton 'Mechs with similar engine profiles.


None known.


The Wisp was only ever described in BattleTechnology. Since this magazine is not currently counted among the canonical sources for BattleTech, the 'Mech itself is not currently considered canonical either.


  • The maximum ground speed (before using MASC) given for this 'Mech is slightly lower than normal for its mass and engine rating (159.8 instead of 162 kp/h), but this has no impact on its game stats.
  • This apocryphal 'Mech was published in the same issue of BattleTechnology in which Design Quirks first appeared. However, no quirks were provided for this 'Mech. Some of their unique features (and bugs) can be recreated as design quirks.