Wolverine (species)

Wolverine species revised.png
(Gulo Gulo)
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld Terran, various other worlds
Environment moderate climate
Average mass 35 kgs
Average length 105 centimeters
Average height 45 centimeters

The Wolverine is an aggressive mammalian species that originated on Terra.[1][2]


When mankind when to the stars, they introduced many animals from Terra to the new worlds they colonized. The wolverine was among them. They are small, but strong and aggressive for their size. They have been known to bring down prey five times their size and driving larger predators away from their kills. They almost never back down from a fight no matter how large an opponent. When the animal was introduced to the forests of Strana Mechty, the descendants of the original animals grew to nearly twice their original size in their new environment while keeping all their native behaviors. The animal's natural abilities made it one of the original totem animals for Nicholas Kerensky when he first created the Clans.

After the members of Clan Wolverine were driven from the Clan Homeworlds or annihilated, an attempt was made to exterminate the species on Strana Mechty. This was in conjunction with other attempts to erase all references to the former Clan Wolverine. However, wolverines can still be found on Strana Mechty today as they have resisted all efforts to eradicate them.[1][2]


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