Word of Blake Militia

The Word of Blake Militia was the military arm of the Word of Blake, a splinter group of ComStar. Formed in the wake of the ComStar Schism from members of the Com Guards, the Word of Blake Militia was instrumental first in the capture of Terra from ComStar and then in the prosecution of the Jihad. Following the defeat of the Word of Blake, the Militia was disbanded.



With the disastrous end of Operation SCORPION and the heretical reforms instituted by Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht, many members of ComStar became outraged at what was seen as a betrayal of the sacred ideas set forth by Jerome Blake; some began fleeing the organization to avoid persecution, among them members of the Com Guards. Among those who left was Precentor Demona Aziz, fleeing to the Free Worlds League where Captain-General Thomas Marik, a former member of ComStar and philosophical ally, agreed to grant the refugees sanctuary.[1]

Despite the philosophical differences, all Word of Blake factions realized that the number of refugees coming from the ranks of the Com Guards made a Precentor Martial necessary for their organization. As commander of the largest single group of Com Guard refugees and with a reputation earned during the Battle of Tukayyid, Trent Arian was promoted to that position by nominal Blakist leader William Blane.[2][3]

As the nascent Word of Blake took shape, Captain-General Marik agreed to grant the organization Gibson as their new homeworld; however the people of Gibson did not take kindly to this change in ownership. In 3053 a full-scale insurgency erupted between members of the Gibson Freedom League and the newly formed Word of Blake Militia. The conflict would last until early 3055 when it came to shocking end during a confusing large-scale battle involving the Militia, the Freedom League, the Knights of the Inner Sphere and units from the Principality of Regulus, with the detonation of a tactical nuclear weapon by the insurgents. The nuclear incident would serve to accelerate plans by the Word of Blake to conquer Terra.[1]

Operation ODYSSEUS[edit]

Main article: Operation ODYSSEUS

Expansion – Word of Blake Protectorate[edit]

The successful capture of Terra also meant the capture of many weapons factories ComStar had reactivated to rebuild their own losses following the Battle of Tukayyid. Using materials supplied by the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation, the Word of Blake turned these factories over to creating new weapons at an alarming rate, while the Titan Shipyards was used to renovate WarShips and produce DropShips at a scale heretofore unprecedented. To the rest of the Inner Sphere it was not entirely clear what the Word of Blake was doing with this buildup of war matériel, as it appeared they were not expanding their forces beyond the initial ten divisions.[4]

Publicly, the majority of the Militia was stationed on Terra which, in combination with the remnants of its SDS network, made the world nigh impenetrable against any ComStar reconquest attempt. Of the rest three of their divisions were stationed throughout the Chaos March as part of a diplomatic push by the Order to gain hegemony over the region. While the rest of the Inner Sphere was preoccupied with the FedCom Civil War the Blakists managed to broker a network of nonaggression, trade and mutual defense pacts with many worlds of the March, supplanting ComStar and taking control of their HPG stations. Ostensibly it was for the protection of these HPG stations that the Blakist Militia was deployed, though they did on occasion interpret their orders liberally to include the entire planet and several times performed preemptive anti-bandit sweeps through uninhabited systems.[4]

Against this Wolf's Dragoons created a coalition of mercenary units, including the Northwind Highlanders, to combat the spread of Blakist influence in the Chaos March; thus Outreach and Northwind were among the several planets which refused offers of Blakist suzerainty, and a number of battles were fought between them and the Militia. In spite of this and memories of what had happened to the 21st Centauri Lancers, many other mercenary commands did join the Militia in protecting their interests in the region, presumably due to a drop in demand elsewhere.[4]


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Structure and Command[edit]

The Word of Blake Militia maintains much the same base-six military command structure as the Com Guards, with a Level I unit consisting of a single BattleMech, combat vehicle, aerospace fighter or infantry unit of four (later six) battle armor or 36 conventional infantry.[5] One notable difference is the Blake-specific Choir formation. Similar to a Clan Nova, this combines two Level IIs – one BattleMech Level II and one Battle Armor Level II – into a single combat unit.[6]

Ruling Conclave[edit]

As the head of the Word of Blake, the Ruling Conclave is required to authorize all military actions except for the defense of Word of Blake holdings or personnel. They have the power to appoint and remove the Precentor Martial at will.[7]

Precentor Martial[edit]

The overall commander of the Militia, the Precentor Martial of the Word of Blake is technically a member of the Ruling Conclave, although they lack voting privileges in any matter concerning their position. They are advised by a staff of three Precentors: the Precentor Quartermaster is charged with overseeing logistical concerns and the purchase of noncombat equipment; the Precentor Arms' responsibility is the purchase of weaponry and war machines; the Precentor Liaison is charged with maintaining good relations with allied factions and units, including mercenaries.[7][8]

Precentor ROM[edit]

Technically ROM, the Word of Blake's intelligence/internal security branch, is a part of the Militia with its head the Precentor ROM reporting directly to the Precentor Martial. In truth the two seldom act together and the Ruling Conclave can issue orders directly to the Precentor ROM when necessary, such as when the Precentor Martial is unavailable.[8]

Precentor Naval[edit]

The Precentor Naval oversees all space assets of the Militia, from WarShips and JumpShips to various shipyards and space stations. Recently established in the years following the conquest of Terra, the Precentor Naval reports directly to the Precentor Martial and typically works together with the Precentor Quartermaster to ensure the timely arrival of supplies.[8]

Division Commanders[edit]

The commanders of Militia Divisions are appointed by the Precentor Martial himself following careful consideration, though invariable factional politics will guide their decision nearly as much as the individual's command abilities. Division commanders report directly to the Precentor Martial or one of their representatives.[8]


As with many aspects of the Word of Blake Militia, the Word utilize the same ranking system as the Com Guards, with Acolytes equivalent to enlisted ranks, Adepts equivalent to junior officers such as Captains and Lieutenants, and Precentors the senior officers equivalent to Colonel or Lieutenant General. They likewise maintain similar branch designations and recording of seniority, with promotion to the next rank after twenty-five years of service. One notable point of difference between the two militaries is usage of the Demi-Precentor rank: the Word of Blake maintained it as the informal rank it was considered to be prior to the Reformation and all Blakist Demi-Precentors are technically either senior Adepts (multiple Level IIs) or junior Precentors (Level IIIs).[9]

Rank Insignia[edit]

Shows theta symbol, indicating JumpShip/WarShip crew. Other service branches replace theta with appropriate Greek letter.

Word of Blake Militia Insignia
Rank Word of Blake Militia Insignia
Acolyte WoB-Acolyte.png
Word of Blake Acolytes use a brass medallion.
Adept WoB-Adept.png
Word of Blake Adepts use a silver medallion.
Demi-Precentor WoB-DemiPrecentor.png
While the Word of Blake still uses the Demi-Precentors in its original "unofficial" form, they use a gold medallion with their branch insignia in silver to show their "midway" position between Adepts and Precentors.
Precentor WoB-Precentor.png
Word of Blake Precentors use a gold medallion.

Branch Insignia[edit]

Greek Letter Branch Designation
Aerospace pilot
DropShip crew
JumpShip/WarShip operations/crew
Military technician
Intelligence analysis
Intelligence gathering
Ground Armor crew/pilot
Spiritual Enlightenment
Obedience (ROM)

Word of Blake Military Academies[edit]

Over its history the Blakist Militia maintained training facilities on Gibson and the "War Triad" in the Terran system.

Sandhurst Royal Military College[edit]

Located in Berkshire, England on Terra, the Sandhurst Royal Military College is one of the longest continually active military academies in human history, being considered the most prestigious military academy in the Terran Hegemony and later the Star League. Falling into ComStar hands after Operation Silver Shield, Sandhurst ultimately became the primary headquarters and training facility for the Com Guards before becoming the Blakists' primary academy in the wake of Operation Odysseus. Aside from reinstating the indoctrination courses that the Secular ComStar discontinued, the Blakists ran Sandhurst almost identically.[10]

War Academy of Mars[edit]

The former strategy headquarters of the SLDF, the War Academy of Mars was briefly reactivated by the secular ComStar in the wake of Battle of Tukayyid, again falling into Blakist hands after Odysseus. Focusing on ROM cadets, those of other branches training at WAM were only there because Sandhurst was full when they enrolled. This has helped give birth to a bitter rivalry as WAM cadets strive to prove they are superior to those of the more favored Sandhurst.[10]

Military Academy of Aphros[edit]

The home of the SLDF's famed Gunslinger Program, the Military Academy of Aphros was reopened in 3061, taking over the last domed city on Venus. With the failure of the planet's atmospheric stabilization stations after the collapse of the Star League, the return of Venus' original hellish atmosphere limited the modern academy to training aerospace pilots and naval crews.[10]

Camp Sims and Fort Tukayyid[edit]

As part of the FWLM's early assistance to the Word of Blake, League defense forces helped them establish two training bases on Gibson, Camp Sims (named from Primus Adrienne Sims) and Fort Tukayyid. Serving as the training and gathering points for the first five Blakist divisions, after Operation Odysseus and recapture of Terra they were transferred to mercenary control.[3]

Military Uniforms and Medals[edit]

Dress Uniforms[edit]

All branches of the Militia used the same dress uniform: a full set of robes and hood with a broadsword bearing the Word of Blake insignia on the hilt. Awards and insignia were worn on the left breast while rank was signified by a medallion around the neck; though not an official part of the uniform many also displayed the symbol of their political faction on their right breast. Branches were distinguished by the robes' color pattern: MechWarriors wear dark blue robes with red trim, aerospace pilots red with white trim, vehicle crews brown with yellow trim, infantry green with brown trim, and naval personnel black with red trim. Noncombat support personnel worn dark grey robes with white trim while ROM personnel shared the same all-white robes used by non-Militia Blakists.[11]

Field Uniforms[edit]

For all field uniforms a Word of Blake patch was worn on the right shoulder and a unit insignia patch on the left. Branch designation pins, matching the colors of their corresponding dress uniforms, were also worn. Most field uniforms were only worn during combat or when an attack was expected.[11][12]

MechWarriors wore a dark blue cooling suit and red neurohelmet, both using advanced Star League technology, along with red boots and gloves. Name and rank was stenciled both on the front of the helmet and on the suit's left breast. Aerospace pilots wore a red jumpsuit with white flight helmet, boots and gloves, as well as a G-suit. Both G-suit and flight helmet mimicked the advanced features found in Star League versions. Name and rank was stenciled on the suit's left breast, and any call sign on the flight helmet. Armor crews and infantry shared the same field uniform, full-length coveralls with an armored vest, armored helmet, leather boots and gloves, along with a hood and half-cape. The uniform's color changed among various camouflage patterns while the helmet contained advanced communication and targeting equipment. Theirs was also the only uniform for which a sidearm was officially included, although it was also common practice among the other branches to wear one. Finally naval personnel utilized two different field uniforms: during combat or the possibility of hull breach they wore a black pressure suit and lightweight red helmet, an advanced Star League model with extended oxygen supply and maneuvering unit, otherwise they wore black multipocket coveralls and open-front red jacket.[12]


In the years following the Schism and the conquest of Terra, the Word of Blake Militia contained varied mix of BattleMechs, combat vehicles and aerospace fighters from a number of sources. Though still retaining a number of 'Mech designs dating back to the Star League Defense Force, the Militia made use of a sizable number from the Free Worlds League, and used factories in the League and on Terra to produce their own designs. This was especially true among armor units, which utilized relatively few Star League designs in place of more modern League vehicles. In contrast, aerospace forces took relatively few losses over the course of events, leading to a majority still being ex-SLDF fighters. Infantry were mostly mechanized, mounted in armored personnel carriers or infantry fighting vehicles, though some were mere "foot" soldiers or equipped with jump packs, while elite commando units used light power armor like the Tornado. During this time, the Militia also began expanding its use of battle armor, including small quantities of Free Worlds League designs such as the Longinus and Achileus, along with developing their own design known as the Purifier Adaptive.[13][14] By the late 3060s, the standard infantry weapon of the Militia was the Mauser 1200 Light Support System, a Pulse Laser Rifle that had initially only been issued to the most elite WOB units when it was first introduced around 3065.


Combat Vehicles[15]
VTOL Hover Wheeled Tracked
Light Cyrano, Hawk Moth, Karnov 3058, Mantis, Pinto Beagle, Lightning, Saracen Chevalier, Striker Galleon
Medium Condor, Maxim, Regulator, Zephyr Hetzer, Thor Chaparral, Goblin, Vedette 3058
Heavy Demon Burke, Bulldog, Marksman, Padilla, Patton, Pike, Po, Von Luckner, Zhukov
Assault Alacorn, Behemoth, Demolisher, Fury, Ontos 3058, Partisan, Puma, Rhino, Shrek, SturmFeur
Light 'Mechs[16]
20 Tons 25 Tons 30 Tons 35 Tons
Elite MC-99 Mercury, MC-97 Mercury EGL-2M Eagle, MON-66 Mongoose, ZPH-1A Tarantula, NXS1-A Nexus HSR-500-D Hussar, HER-1S Hermes, HSR-400-D Hussar FNHK-9K Falcon Hawk
Regular THE-N Thorn, MC-97 Mercury, LCT-3M Locust, STG-5M Stinger MON-66 Mongoose JA-KL-1532 Jackal, HMR-3M Hammer, HER-3S Hermes, HSR-200-D Hussar, SDR-7M Spider
Medium 'Mechs[16]
40 Tons 45 Tons 50 Tons 55 Tons
Elite INI-02 Initiate FS9-O Firestarter, WVE-9N Wyvern, BJ2-O Blackjack HUR-WO-R4L Huron Warrior, CBR-27 Crab, RJN101-A Raijin APL-1M Apollo, TR1 Wraith, BCN-3R Buccaneer, GRM-R-PR29 Grim Reaper
Regular STL-3L Sentinel, CDA-3M Cicada, HER-5S Hermes II WVE-5N Wyvern, WVE-9N Wyvern TBT-7M Trebuchet, CBR-27 Crab, HBK-5M Hunchback BCN-3R Buccaneer, KTO-19 Kintaro, TR1 Wraith
Heavy 'Mechs[16]
60 Tons 65 Tons 70 Tons 75 Tons
Elite YMN-6Y Yeoman, LNC25-01 Lancelot TMP-3M Tempest EXC-B2 Excalibur, ST-8A Shootist, GLT-3N Guillotine WR-DG-02FC War Dog, FLS-8K Flashman, BL-6-KNT Black Knight, BL-9-KNT Black Knight, TYM-1A Toyama
Regular ANV-3M Anvil, CHP-3N Champion, CHP-1N Champion CRD-5M Crusader, BMB-12D Bombardier ST-8A Shootist, GLT-3N Guillotine ON1-M Orion, FLS-8K Flashman
Assault 'Mechs[16]
80 Tons 85 Tons 90 Tons 95 Tons 100 Tons
Elite GRN-D-01 Grand Crusader, SPT-N2 Spartan CRK-5003-1 Crockett HGN-732 Highlander MR-5M Cerberus, ALB-3U Albatross, MR-V2 Cerberus T-IT-N10M Grand Titan, KGC-000 King Crab, VQR-2A Vanquisher, KGC-001 King Crab
Regular GRN-D-01 Grand Crusader, AWS-9M Awesome, THG-12E Thug CRK-5003-1 Crockett, STK-5M Stalker, LGB-7Q Longbow HGN-732 Highlander, CP-11-A Cyclops KGC-000 King Crab

Divisions and Deployment[edit]

Protectorate Theater[edit]

After the declaration of the Word of Blake Protectorate, that region is the heart of the new nation. Defended by some of the finest warrior from the Word of Blake militia, they will protect it by any means.[17] The mercenaries have normal contracts like to train the local militia, keep the population in check and to defend important sites, as always.[18]

  • Regular Forces
  • Mercenary Support
  • Protectorate Militia

Most of the planets created a local Militia to defend their planets.

Lyran Theater[edit]

The Divisions in this Theater had several important task:[22]

  • To destroy important manufacturing sites and other high valuable assets
  • To conquer worlds with significant command/communication/control centers Region

The Mercenaries in that theater made probing raids and support offensive operations by their employer.[18]

  • Regular Forces
  • Mercenary Support

FedSuns Theater[edit]

In contrast, to the Lyran Theater the units within the Federated Suns Theater are task to disturb any possible military action from the FSAF.[25] The mercenaries were used as supporting forces, sometimes in offensive operations to.

  • Regular Forces
  • Mercenary Support

Capellan Theater[edit]

The Divisions used nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to fight an enemy how is fanatical in his defense.[27] Some of the mercenaries were used to create a defense cordon between the Suns and the Confederation.[18]

  • Regular Forces
  • Mercenary Support

Free Worlds Theater[edit]

The Word of Blake exploited the Free Worlds League for many years for their buildup. During that time they infiltrated every level in the politics, economic and military infrastructure, without any notice by the people in charge. The Word deployed Divisions only to crush any sign of resistance without mercy.[29] The mercenaries fight most time against the local insurgents or had to garrison important sites.[18]

  • Regular Forces
  • Mercenary Support

Draconis Theater[edit]

The Word of Blake forces had the mission to destroy infrastructure which could be used to mount an effective counteroffensive by the DCMS.[31] Like in the Federated Suns Theater the mercenaries had only a supporting role.[18]

  • Regular Forces
  • Mercenary Support

Periphery Theater[edit]

The Periphery had only three Divisions, which had the goal to disturb a possible Canopian support for their allies. Several smaller groups under the influence of the Word sowed additional chaos when needed.[34] The mercenaries supported the local governments under Word influence or fought against the realms which opposed the Blakists.[18]

  • Regular Forces
  • Mercenary Support

Shadow Division[edit]


  • The Raptor II covert reconnaissance & search-and-destroy medium BattleMech, in service from 3073 onwards, seems to have been only routinely used for the most part by the Blakist ROM's special forces branch, aka the Light of Mankind. One known exception to this though was the Militia's elite 39th Division.
  • By the mid-3070s it was being reported that some elite Militia units on Terra (possibly belonging to the 39th Division) had been equipped with the Asura battlesuit normally only issued to Manei Domini units. It was believed by intelligence analysts however that these suits were most likely discarded testbed models, which were reportedly particularly prone to glitching.[36]
  • The Militia started receiving deliveries of the NXS2-A Nexus II in 3066. The Lightray heavy scout/skirmisher BattleMech had already entered service in 3064 with the Militia in the form of the LGH-4Y (quickly supplanted the following year by the LGH-4W) with the penultimate LGH-7W version appearing in 3069.
  • Originally the Militia inherited ample stocks of former ComStar Magi infantry support vehicles. However with the formation of the Protectorate Militia in 3068, most of these were transferred to the new force, along with any new production. Some vehicles though are believed to have remained in WOB Militia service with Military Police and other rear area security units, in particular the Magi UCSV variant.
  • The standard Assault Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Militia was the Palmoni AIFV. Intended primarily for the transport of battle armor–equipped infantry, it could and did also transport more conventional infantry. It also served in some numbers with the Protectorate Militia, along with greater numbers of an ICE powered variant that had been purpose built for the Protectorate Militia forces.
  • The Prowler IFV was introduced into service with the Militia in 3077.


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