Rebel X-Fighter
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Class Light aerospace fighter
Tech Base Star Empire
Technical specifications
Mass 30 tons
Structural Integrity 3
Frame Military Standard
Power Plant 10 Fusion Engine
Fuel 4 tons
  • 2x Proton Torpedoes
  • 4x Laser Cannons
Communications System
Tracking & Targeting System
Heat Sinks 15 (30)


First discovered when Interstellar Expeditions accidentally found a thriving empire hidden deep within the California Nebula, the X-Fighter is the more expensive but less ubiquitous cousin of the Star Empire's T-Fighter. Favored by the People's Rebellion, the X-Fighter takes a quality-over-quantity approach, emphasizing heavy armament and relatively high survivability. In most regards, however, the X-Fighter still falls short in contest against Inner Sphere aerospace fighters, hampered by its poor targeting and tracking systems. Interstellar Expeditions has experimented with the platform, attempting to correct its shortcomings without compromising its advantages by strategically integrating Inner Sphere technologies, though the targeting and tracking system has caused difficulty thanks to persistent compatibility issues.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The X-Fighter has twice as many laser cannons as its T-Fighter cousin, as well as two inaccurate but hard-hitting proton torpedo launchers with an ammunition reserve of six torpedoes. Like the T-Fighter however, the X-Fighter is incapable of bringing the bulk of its firepower to bear without engaging the enemy at extremely close range.[2] Perhaps the most notable aspect of the X-Fighter, however, is the Fighter Deflector Shield mounted on the craft. This energy shield is able to provide a potent extra layer of protection against energy weapons. Though not impervious to damage, the rechargeable shield is resilient, and is a major factor contributing to the X-Fighter's survivability in the energy-weapon-heavy Star Empire region of the California Nebula.


  • The X-Fighter is non-canonical, only existing in the April Fools Day publication Welcome to Nebula California.
  • The X-Fighter is based on the X-Wing from science fiction film series Star Wars.
  • Like all units introduced in Welcome to Nebula California, the X-Fighter's art has only ever been shown in silhouette, similar to the Unseen BattleMechs.


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