XIII Corps (Star League)

XIII Corps.jpg
XIII Corps
Unit Profile (as of 2772)
Parent Formation Tenth Army
Formed Unknown
Disbanded 2772

Unit Description[edit]

XIII Corps (or the Thirteenth Corps) was one of the seventy-two Corps that made up the Star League Defense Force. XIII Corps was one of the smaller Corps; prior to the collapse of the Star League it consisted of 4 divisions and 2 independent regiments. [1]


In 2764 XIII Corps was part of the 10th Army, assigned to District 3 of the Free Worlds League Military Region. Their specific operations area covered the Free Worlds League's border with the Capellan Confederation and the Duchy of Andurien. The Thirteenth was headquartered on Cirebon in the Duchy, and they were frequently required to participate in peacekeeping operations between the Confederation and the Duchy. Despite this, they were able to do the job and frequently coordinated exercises with IV and LII Corps, two units that would work alongside the Thirteenth in case of a major conflict between the League and the Confederation.[2]

When the simmering violence and rebellion building in the Periphery erupted with the New Vandenberg Uprising and subsequent Periphery-wide uprising in 2765 XIII Corps was deployed into the Periphery Military Region along with the rest of the 10th Army.[1]

The resulting combat and terrorist actions within the Periphery Military Region effectively destroyed XIII Corps; all four divisions were destroyed, and one of the two independent regiments, the 237th Hussar Regiment, defected and joined the rebels. By 2766 only one independent regiment remained as a coherent fighting unit within XIII Corps, the 11th Dragoon Regiment.[1]

In 2772 prior to the start of Operation CHIEFTAIN the XIII Corps was disbanded and the survivors merged into the XXXIX Corps.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the XIII Corps (Star League)



Composition History[edit]


Independent Regiments


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