XLII Corps (Star League)

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XLII Corps
Unit Profile (as of 2784)
Parent Formation Twelfth Army
Formed Unknown

Unit Description[edit]

XLII Corps (or the Forty-second Corps) was one of the seventy-two Corps that made up the Star League Defense Force. Prior to the collapse of the Star League XLII Corps was one of the smaller Corps and consisted of four divisions and two independent regiments.[1]


In 2764 XLII Corps was part of the 12th Army, assigned to District 2 of the Lyran Commonwealth Military Region. While deployed there, they protected the Lyran Commonwealth from the Rim Worlds League, Draconis Combine, and independent Periphery forces. The Forty-second deployed their forces so that a brigade was stationed on a division's base world, while the rest of the division's forces operated in regimental sized formations. This allowed them to respond quickly to any enemy action.[2]

When the simmering violence and rebellion building in the Periphery erupted with the New Vandenberg Uprising and subsequent Periphery-wide uprising in 2765 XLII Corps was deployed into into the Periphery Military Region along with the rest of the 12th Army.[1]

XLI Corps took very heavy losses in the Periphery Uprising and by 2766 had been reduced to a quarter of the original combat strength of the Corps. The surviving elements of the much-reduced XLII Corps then fought through the Hegemony Campaign, surviving to see the end of the conflict.[1]

Of the units that were still intact in 2784, the 164th Motorized Infantry Division elected to follow General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus. The only remaining independent regiment, the 258th Dragoon Regiment, elected to remain in the Inner Sphere and joined the Capellan Confederation.[1]


Rank Name Command
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