XXV Corps (Star League)

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XXV Corps
Formed Unknown
Affiliation SLDF
Parent Command Eighth Army

The XXV Corps (or Twenty-fifth Corps) was a corps of the Star League Defense Force. Prior to the collapse of the Star League it consisted of six divisions, four independent regiments and an independent wing.[1]


In 2764 the Twenty-fifth Corps was part of the 8th Army, assigned to the First District of the Free Worlds League Military Region. The Twenty-fifth was responsible for garrisoning worlds in the Principality of Regulus, Federation of Oriente, and the Marik Commonwealth. Though their area of responsibility was smaller than the other Corps of Eighth Army, the widely divergent cultures of these three factions made the deployment a turbulent one. The fact that the FWLM also garrisoned these worlds with large formations didn't help relations as the local FWLM commanders wanted the Twenty-fifth's units out of their areas. As part of this effort to evict the Twenty-fifth, Parliament forbade any Free Worlds League defense contractors from selling supplies to the SLDF units. This seriously hampered the Twenty-fifth's ability to conduct major campaigns.[2]

The Star League High Command installed Major General Aleta Kanavos as the Corps commander. She was a native of the Marik Commonwealth and appointing her was a political decision. She was a skilled politician and was able to smooth relations in several cases.[2]

However, in 2765 an uprising occurred in the Periphery, requiring a large portion of the SLDF mobilized to put down the rebellion. The Twenty-fifth's units were moved into the Third District, filling in gaps left by other units sent to the fighting. However, the uprising had all been an elaborate plot by Stefan Amaris to accomplish his conquest of the Terran Hegemony.

The Twenty-fifth would take part in Aleksandr Kerensky's campaign to reconquer the Terran Hegemony from Amaris, but suffered heavy losses in the effort. Only two units would survive to join Operation Exodus, with two more joining the Capellan Confederation.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the XXV Corps



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