Xi Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat)

Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname Rossei's Faithful
Parent Formation Clan Nova Cat Touman


Home to the adherents of the Clan Cloud Cobra's Rossei Cloister in Clan Nova Cat, which has caused problems with other Nova Cat Warriors.[citation needed]

Combine-Ghost Bear War[edit]

In December 3062, the remains of Zeta Provisional Galaxy's 1st Dragoncat Cluster were sent to the unit and was absorbed just prior to the Combine-Ghost Bear War. Included in this transfer was future Xi commanding officer Jal Steiner.[citation needed]

Xi fought on both Itabaiana and Caripare during the war.[citation needed]

Late 3060s[edit]

The Galaxy was promoted to front-line status after Galaxy Commander Elianna Deleportis petitioned Khan West.[citation needed]



On July 14th, 3072, Xi Galaxy arrived over Luthien via a pirate point and declared a Trial of Annihilation against the Forty-second Shadow Division, in retaliation for the attack on Irece in June. Protecting the Galaxy were three Aegis-class WarShips - the Blade, Chronicle, and Vision Quest - supported by a cluster of aerospace fighters. This aerospace force punched a hole through a heavy Blakist aerospace presence, which included two WarShips and a dozen BattleSats.[1][2]

The Galaxy's five clusters managed to drop amidst the nasty air battle being fought above the Kado-Guchi Valley to land on top of the Forty-second Shadow Division. Here, the clusters systematically tore into the Word of Blake force. The Nova Cats' aerospace fighters joined in the attack on the Blakist ground elements, until the arrival of additional Blakist fighters from a secret base. One of the clusters managed to break the Blakist's battle lines and enter the Imperial City. There, they doubled their efforts to annihilate all enemy units they came across. However, in the process, the Xi units began to take heavy causalities.[1]

In the city, Blakist reinforcements forced Galaxy Commander Jal Steiner to lead his Rossei Keshik and cluster Nova Cat troops out of the city. Steiner rallied his troops in the Waseda Hills for a second push into the city, when six nuclear missiles struck, leaving only between a cluster and a cluster-and-a-half surviving the operation. Those surviving troops withdrew to their DropShips and left for orbit, leaving the nearly destroyed 42nd and 9th Division screening forces to defend Imperial City.[2][3][1]

On 23 August 3072, the Xi Galaxy, in a concerted effort alongside the DCMS aligned Otomo and Izanagi Warriors, assaulted a large Blakist supply base defended by the Forty-second Shadow Division, in the Battle of the Kyoto Zen Arcology Project. The DCMS flanking attack was intended to sow confusion within the Blakist defenses, and though deflected, did just that. A Star was able to breach the rear of the base and set off an enormous chemical explosion, resulting in the destruction of multiple units on both sides and a significant loss to the Blakist ammunition supply.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Xi Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Elianna Deleportas 3062[5]
Galaxy Commander Jal Steiner 3067 - 3072[6]

Other Officers[edit]

Star Colonel Isaiah Khatib was Galaxy Commander Jal Steiner's aide.[citation needed]


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]


Xi Galaxy[7]


Xi Galaxy


Xi Galaxy


Xi Galaxy[10][11]


Game Rules[edit]

The Xi Galaxy's disorienting unit colors cause a significant loss in modified Initiative rolls at the beginning of any battle. To-hit modifiers against the galaxy are reduced in fog, dusk or smokey conditions.[2]


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