Ya'el Labov

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Ya'el Labov
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
Position saKhan

Ya'el Labov was a Fox Khanate saKhan in the thirty-second century.


Ya'el Labov was a trueborn of Clan Sea Fox. He rose through the ranks, winning a Labov (Bloodname) and reaching the rank of saKhan.

On 17 October 3150, he was on the former Federated Suns world of Hean, overseeing the massive new Sea Fox DropPort complex. He met with Tiburon Khanate saKhan Andreas Sutherland, who was overseeing construction of the complex. They talked about how Suns First Prince Julian Davion was selling parts of his state to mercenary units in exchange for their services, to fight for the reclamation of Suns worlds taken by the Draconis Combine, and about the imminent ilClan Trial on Terra. Both expected a Clan Wolf victory under Alaric Ward, whom the Foxes were supplying.[1]

On 10 January, Labov was at Terra's jump point overseeing the Wolf invasion aboard the Carrack-class Jormungadr. He talked with his subordinate, ovKhan Zoie Vewas, about the importance of the battle, and the conversation moved to Alaric's recruiting of Wolf's Dragoons for the battle. Afterward, she gave him a full report on several mercenary commands, and he began studying them.[1]

On 25 March, Labov was still studying the mercenary unit reports. Zoie informed him that an agent of Labov had returned from Terra with a key object that the saKhan had ordered him to find and retrieve. Pleased, Labov ordered her to reward the man and depart from Terra, to her surprise.[1]

On 17 June, after reaching the Federated Suns planet of Kafr Silim, Labov invited Illician Lancers Colonel Luciana Araya Morales to meet; he explained to her why he was there. He had chosen the Lancers to open up the mercenary market to the Foxes. He knew they weren't happy with their assignment forgotten by the Suns, and offered her the services of the Fox Khanate as broker for their future contracts, acting as a replacement for the MRBC. She was surprised but interested. She became enraged when he pointed that he wanted her to become the Lancers General as a prerequisite of the deal. She accused him of manipulating her, but Labov simply said she was the most persuadable. Then he gave her a gift, the object his agent had recovered from Terra: a keystone of the Illician Order's abbey. Labov succeeded, because on 1 July, Araya, now commanders of the Lancers, sent him a message accepting his offer. He knew that negotiations with her would be difficult, but was confident of success.[1]

Labov's negotiations with Julian Davion about the Lancers' redeployment must have been successful, as during Operation SOLAR FLARE, a few months later, at least one Illician regiment—and possibly the other two—had been deployed to the Draconis front.[2]

Ya'el quickly expanded his list of mercenary clients. Julian Davion's critical need for trustworthy units and the growing corruption of the MRBC made it possible for Labov to become the representative for many smaller units; as he had expected, the prestigious Illician Lancers' example made them trust the Foxes. Labov's mediators promised fair terms and swift conflict resolution, backed by his Clan's authority. Some units, like Scoleri's Sabres, attempted to betray the Clan; they soon paid for their mistake.[3]


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