In the BattleTech universe, Yardship refers to jump-capable spacecraft that incorporate docks, workshop, and shipyard facilities which allow them to repair stranded vessels (typically WarShips or JumpShips) or even serve as mobile shipyards. There are two known extant classes of yardship: the smaller Faslane class and the massive Newgrange.

The size of the construction facilities means that Yardships cannot be built as regular JumpShips. Instead, they require a smaller jump drive core which technically makes them WarShips. However, even though they are typically armed, they are more of a strategic asset and are not intended for a combat role; they could arguably be regarded as noncombatants or civilian vessels.

Although occasionally spelled "YardShip" or "Yard-Ship" in various sources, it has officially been stated that the correct spelling is indeed as a single word and without a capital "S".[1]

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