Yeffters Weapons Factory

Yeffters Weapons Factory
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Corporation Profile
AffiliationFederated Suns
HeadquartersKanpur (Gulkana V)[1]

Yeffters Weapons Factory was a Federated Suns weapons manufacturer.[2]


Based on the Crucis March world of Gulkana, Yeffters was manufacturing licensed Mydron autocannons since before the collapse of the Star League. While deep in the Suns and protected from attack by the Draconis Combine and Capellan Confederation during the Succession Wars, it was close enough to the Skid Row and Outback to attract bandit raids and too far away from its major customers to attract consistent protection for its shipments. For many centuries the primary buyer of Yeffter's autocannons was Federated-Boeing, while BattleMech, Combat Vehicle and aerospace fighter manufacturers like Corean Enterprises, Lycomb-Davion IntroTech, and Kallon Industries also readily purchased Yeffter's wares as required, their unwillingness to agree to long-term contracts until the company could ensure regular shipments hamstrung Yeffters to move beyond a hand to mouth existence.[1][3]

The situation worsened in 3024 when a dictatorial militia commander deposed Gulkana's democratic government and imposed draconian "Competency Laws," biased testing which supposedly shifted citizens to jobs appropriate to their IQ, with Yeffters production ceasing entirely, much to the concern of the FedSun government. With the planet's noble ruler refusing outside aid from First Prince Hanse Davion and conflict between militia and rebel forces hampering all attempts to restart production, the company's future looked bleak. Things finally came to a head when Christine Salos assumed the Duchy of Gulkana from her father in 3033 and requested the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns step in. Even with this outside assistance it would be many years before the planet stabilized and order was restored, but Yeffters would finally secure the regular contracts it long sought with increased militia and AFFS protection.[1]

Long considered a minor manufacturer at best, Yeffters avoided the attentions of the Word of Blake, weathering the low-level bandit raiding it always experienced with ease. As of 3079, the company was operating at 90% efficiency, hampered by supply issues rather than combat losses.[4]


Yeffters Weapons Factory has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Gulkana:[2]
Component Type
Mydron D JagerMech[2]
Mydron C Partisan[2]
Mydron B Dropships[2]
Mydron A Lightning[2]
LB 10-X AC
Mydron Excel Centurion[2]
Ultra AC/2
Mydron Model D-rf [citation needed]
Rotary AC/2
Mydron Tornado [citation needed]
Rotary AC/5
Mydron Tornado [citation needed]
Light AC/2
Mydron Flyswatter [citation needed]
Light AC/5
Mydron Snakekiller [citation needed]
Machine Gun
Mydron MiniGun Partisan[2]


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