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This article is about the individual 'Mech. For the BattleTech Collectible Card Game cards referring to this 'Mech, see Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW) (CCG - Mercenaries) and Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW) (CCG - CommandersEdition).

Yen-Lo-Wang, named after a Buddhist/Chinese god of death, is a famous individual BattleMech. Its serial number is FS1010-031X.[1] Yen-Lo-Wang has been modified and customized into a variety of different configurations over the years.


Justin Xiang Allard[edit]

Yen-Lo-Wang was originally an old regular Centurion that Justin Xiang Allard purchased in 3027 during his exile on Solaris VII and his Solaris Championship run with funds provided by Kym Sorenson.[2] He modified the 'Mech to carry an Autocannon/20 by dropping the LRM launcher, which gave him a surprise advantage in his first match using Yen-Lo-Wang where he defeated Peter Armstrong. At some point he placed titanium "nails"[3] on the 'Mech's hand actuators, a feature put to good use in a fight against Billy Wolfson where the autocannon jammed. It has been speculated that these nails may have been a reference to the Capellan custom at the time for high-ranking nobles to grow long, oftentimes enameled and sharpened, fingernails on three fingers.

Following his meteoric rise to Solaris VII champion, Justin Xiang Allard used the 'Mech during his subsequent career with House Liao's Maskirovka immediately prior and during the Fourth Succession War.

When Justin Xiang Allard, in truth a deep undercover agent for House Davion, was extracted from Sian at the climax of the Fourth Succession War, Yen-Lo-Wang was also taken along.

Kai Allard-Liao[edit]

Justin Xiang Allard gifted the 'Mech to his son, Kai Allard-Liao, when Kai first joined the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth. There, Kai served with distinction and saw action in the 'Mech during the Clan Invasion. Kai Allard-Liao did not pilot Yen-Lo-Wang at Battle of Twycross in 3050, because it was being transported on another DropShip at the time. He was instead piloting a borrowed Hatchetman when he accomplished his famous defeat of the Falcon Guards.

Hanse Davion personally had the 'Mech modified with Star League era technology after Kai refused to accept a Wolf's Dragoons-produced Daishi assault OmniMech, officially presenting the upgraded Yen-Lo-Wang to Kai on 21 September 3050. The weapons had been replaced with a Von Ryan Gauss rifle in place of the autocannon and Spitfire Medium Pulse Lasers, two on the arm, one on the torso and one mounted on the back. Additionally, the 'Mech was refitted with a new generation of Triple Strength Myomer that did not burn when exposed to gas, as well as the Miata 200 extralight engine and three additional, switchable Heat Sinks[4]. The 'Mech was briefly lost behind Clan Jade Falcon lines on Alyina, but Kai later recovered it. Its Gauss Rifle was recovered by a Jade Falcon garrison he was temporarily allied with against ComStar's Operation SCORPION machinations on the planet, used to launch a girder to batter down a ComStar complex's door in their operation to liberate the planet from ComStar control.[citation needed]

Later, he used Yen-Lo-Wang as he followed in his father's footsteps to become Solaris VII Champion.

Yen-Lo-Wang saw service again with Kai in the final assault of New Avalon island in 3067, protecting Victor Steiner-Davion from harm. In the first stages of the battle, however, it was piloted not by Kai but by Thomas Sherwood and deployed in a diversionary attack with Archer's Avengers to reinforce the impression it was the real main assault.[5]

Though long retired from the battlefield, Kai would pilot Yen-Lo-Wang a final time during the Capellan Crusades, the unmistakable 'Mech cutting a bloody swath through the CCAF like its namesake as its pilot sought vengeance for his deceased daughter Melissa Allard-Liao. Facing off against the combined might of the elite Red Lancers and Death Commandos sent to kill him personally on Sakhalin, Kai would ultimately fall on 14 January 3113 after a stray missile strike hit Yen-Lo-Wang in the head. As a sign of respect for Kai's legacy, the Death Commandos chose to leave Yen-Lo-Wang right where it fell rather than claim it as salvage, attaching a beacon so that the Republic of the Sphere forces could locate and retrieve it. [6] [7] [8]

Danai Liao-Centrella[edit]

Feeling a kinship with young Danai Liao-Centrella, among Kai's final words was his desire that Yen-Lo-Wang be bequeathed to her. By the time she had come of age, Yen-Lo-Wang had fallen in disrepair and needed extensive restoration. In the early 3120s, when Danai was old enough, she journeyed to gather parts to restore the 'Mech. She then used it on Solaris VII, where she competed in the games and won the Solaris Open with it. She and Yen-Lo-Wang went into service with House Liao's Second McCarron's Armored Cavalry as part of the 3130s incursion into the Republic of the Sphere. [6][9]

Danai still piloted the 'Mech in 3147, when leading a counterattack against the Federated Suns' attempt to retake New Syrtis. Danai's attempt to kill Julian Davion failed.[citation needed]

Armament and Configuration[edit]

Succession Wars era[edit]

In its original form as purchased by Justin Xiang Allard, Yen-Lo-Wang was apparently an old regular Centurion, implicitly a standard CN9-A model. It was then refitted with a bigger autocannon at the cost of secondary armament.

At some point Yen-Lo-Wang was modified to what was referred to as CN9-YLW, though it remains unclear if that denomination refers to the specific individual 'Mech only or to its specific configuration (in the sense that other, identically modified 'Mechs would also be designated CN9-YLW). The CN9-YLW was armed with an Autocannon/20 in place of the standard model's Autocannon/10, two medium lasers and a hatchet.[10][11] Apparently, the hatchet originally took the form of functionally identical titanium nails which were eventually replaced with a proper hatchet.[3]

It was also noted that, because of its background as a high-profile champion 'Mech from the Solaris Games, Yen-Lo-Wang was equipped with additional diagnostic and telemetry systems, though these did not grant any immediate advantage in combat.[12]

Clan Invasion era[edit]

During the Clan Invasion, Yen-Lo-Wang was upgraded with a Gauss rifle in place of the Autocannon/20, three Medium Pulse Lasers, and Triple Strength Myomer. The Hatchet from the original build was left in place. This build was referred to as CN9-YLW2.[13]

Dark Age era[edit]

Refurbished as Kai Allard-Liao prepared for his berserker drive against the Confederation, at the time of his death Yen-Lo-Wang was armed with Clan-tech weaponry—a Gauss Rifle and LRM-20 launcher both supplied with two tons of ammo each, supported by a single head-mounted ER medium laser and hatchet. Aside from the weaponry, CN9-YLW3 Yen-Lo-Wang's chassis remained Inner Sphere grade, the double heat sinks, triple-strength myomer and XL engine remained unchanged, with the armor upgraded to Light Ferro-Fibrous.[6] [14]

After passing to Danai Liao-Centrella, the ancient 'Mech featured a Series 4D-2 Heavy Large Laser, a Type XX "Long Bow" LRM-20 with Artemis IV, a Hatchet, a Shield, and Triple Strength Myomer; it was noted to feature experimental Clan technology though it remains unclear to which components exactly this refers.[1][15] By this time, its chassis had been replaced with a Corean Model K77 Endo Steel chassis and it was powered by a Vlar 300 XL fusion engine.

Apocryphal Variants[edit]

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MechWarrior Online's Hero 'Mech of the Yen-Lo-Wang is a modification of the Succession Wars CN9-YLW variant that takes into account the game's technical and equipment limitations. Mounting a 215 rated engine and with the rearward medium laser in the center torso facing forward, without the inclusion of physical combat the hatchet is merely replaced with additional armor.

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  • In the novels Fortress Republic and Principles of Desolation, the refitted Yen-Lo-Wang piloted by Danai Liao-Centrella is described, showcasing its configuration. A dossier card showing some of its featured weapons and equipment was also provided. However, as of this writing there is no canonical record sheet provided for this particular version of Yen-Lo-Wang.
  • While described in lore as a "Chinese god of death," Yen-Lo-Wang (or Yama) is a Buddhist deity recognized across Asia.


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