York (WarShip class)

This article is about the Clan WarShip class. For other uses, see York.
York (Destroyer-Carrier) TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Clans
Introduced 2947
Production Year 2947[1]
Use Destroyer / Carrier
Tech Base Clan
Technical specifications
Mass 600,000 tons
Length 630 meters
Sail Diameter 1180 meters
Fuel 9,000 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2 g
Top Thrust 3 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 13
LF Battery Yes
Armor 549 tons Lamellor Ferro-Carbide
DropShip Capacity 2
Crew 240[2]
  • 40 Officers
  • 158 Enlisted
  • 42 Gunners

Bay Personnel: 125

Grav Decks 1 x 65 and 1 x 140 meter diameters
Escape Pods/Life Boats 20/30
Heat Sinks 581 double (1,162)
Structural Integrity 60
BV (1.0) 61,526[3][2]


The York was created through extensive refits of some of the 22 Riga II-class WarShips that navigated the War Against the Usurper and that Aleksandr Kerensky managed to take with his Exodus fleet. Along with most other WarShips in the military drawdown that followed, most were mothballed in caches across the Clan Pentagon worlds. Six survived alongside Nicholas Kerensky during his Second Exodus and were upgraded after 2947. These refits vessels gave way to new constructions when the Political Century saw 12 new vessels built. The largest number of the class is maintained mainly by Clan Nova Cat, who was the only Clan who used them during the invasion of the Inner Sphere, but could also be found among Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Smoke Jaguar.[2]

It was reported in 3061 that persistent rumors were circulating amongst the Clans that Clan Coyote had commissioned Clan Snow Raven to construct a new York-class WarShip for them, the first to be constructed in more than a hundred years.[4] By 3067, the Coyotes had a new York in their touman: the CCS Broken Sea.[5]


Unlike many other comparable ships, the York-class has extensive anti-fighter weaponry, featuring 24 Small Lasers as well as ER Lasers and Clan-produced Ultra AC/10s for better long-range protection. The York however also has an impressive array of Naval weapons and great armor.[2]


The York's cargo capacity is devoted to 50 fighters in 2 bays and an additional 3 support craft in a third bay, up to a total of 72,084 tons of cargo including two additional DropShips that can be carried on two landing zones in front section of the ship.[2]

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  • The York class was originally statted to have 595,000 tons of mass. However, this was later adjusted to 600,000 tons. The new mass is confirmed as correct by the ship's MUL entry and TRO:3057 Revised.


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