Yoshimatsu Chemicals

Yoshimatsu Chemicals is a chemical company within the Draconis Combine[1] [2]

Yoshimatsu Chemicals
Yoshimatsu Chemicals Company Logo

Yoshimatsu Chemicals Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Biham
Primary Products Chemical

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Siang, Biham [1] [2]

President/CEO: Marquis David Yoshimatsu (Circa 3025),[1] Daimyo Ned Yoshimatsu-Rodgers (Circa 3067) [2]


Yoshimatsu Chemicals is the largest chemical producer in the Draconis Combine, known across the Inner Sphere for its rigorous safety protocols. The company has a division located in each Great House and Periphery nation that sells their product, with these administrators keeping track of each Yoshimatsu product and licensed manufacturer. Every other year the company sends out safety teams to these various plants to conduct extensive quality control tests, accompanied by at least one Internal Security Force agent for "protection purposes". Within the Combine, Yoshimatsu Chemicals is well known for their generosity to their employees. [1] [2]

In 3023, an unfortunate accident occurred on Biham where a worker lost his life when he fell into a vat of chemicals despite all the safety procedures. Since then, many employees swear they have seen the ghost of the deceased worker walking around the plant. The hysteria of these ghost stories even spread to Yoshimatsu operations off-world where the dead employee was never stationed. While the workers at Yoshimatsu cannot leave over rumors, the morale within the company suffered a drastic drop and caused worries of larger problems.[1]

The company's then President Ned Yoshimatsu flirted with scandal in 3057 when he married Beth Rodgers, a common middle-class school teacher. The only heir to House Yoshimatsu, Ned was nearly stripped of his title for the dishonor of marrying below his social class until the ISF revealed the Rodgers family's distant connection to the Sorenson line, Beth an exceptionally gifted teacher who had voluntarily taken the class demotion to pursue her desired vocation. Nobody knows what favors Ned called in, but in the face of this new information the nobility's dissent to his marriage quickly dissipated. Ned took the Rodgers surname as his own to honor its distant ties to the Sorenson bloodline.[2]


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