The Yuan or L-bill is the House Bill of the Capellan Confederation.


The yuan is controlled by the Capellan government through the offices of the Capellan Commonality Bank. Though it is minted across the Confederation, its value is assigned on Capella.[1] Traditionally reflecting the weakest economy in the Inner Sphere, the value of the yuan has strengthened in the wake of the Xin Sheng revival of Confederation.[2]

Each yuan is divided into 10 jiao and each jiao into 10 fen. Coins dominate the convoluted Capellan monetary system, notes also exist but are considerably less common.[3][2]

All Capellan coins have a hole bored through their center to allow them to be carried on money strings. Circa 3067 coins display the flag of the Confederation on one side, with the lower denominations displaying the flag of a commonality capital world on the other (reclaimed Tikonov being the only exception) on the other, with yuan featuring notable Chancellors.[3]

Fen (copper alloy)

Jiao (silver alloy)

Yuan (gold alloy)

Notes are uniformly designed and of one size. They are custom milled paper, colored a shade of green to purple based on denomination; the 10 yuan note is green with a purple tint, while the 1,000 yuan note is purple with a green tint. The backside of all bills shows the flag of Capella, the Capella Commonality Bank building, and the flag of the Confederation. The fronts are three-paneled, with the left panel a darndao, the middle a portrait of a notable Chancellor and the right side a rampant Chinese dragon. As of 3067 the newest minting of the 1,000-yuan note honors the Xin Sheng revival and replaces the dragon with a stylized rising phoenix.[3]


During the Dark Age, the yuan was worth 0.56 C-bills prior to the Blackout and 1.72.[4]


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