Yvonne Davion

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Yvonne Davion
Yvonne Davion
Character Profile
Born 2963[1]
Died 3035[2][3]
Affiliation House Davion
Rank Field Marshal[1]
Title(s) Prince's Champion[1]
Parents Matilda Davion (mother)[1]
Children Jackson Davion

Yvonne Davion was a Prince's Champion and senior AFFS officer within the Federated Suns.


Early Life[edit]

Yvonne was born in Thames, Victoria in the Federated Suns. She was the eldest daughter of Duchess Matilda Davion. Yvonne’s mother was the commander of the Davion Brigade of Guards for 20 years. Others expected much of the same from Yvonne. She was afflicted with a hidden heart defect that restricted her from performing rigorous physical activities. At the age of 16, Yvonne underwent an operation that restored her to normal health. Without the limitations put upon her from the heart defect, she went on to enjoy the physical activities that she couldn’t perform before.[4]

Military Career[edit]

Yvonne entered the Albion Military Academy at 18 and graduated with honors. She was assigned to the 5th Crucis Lancers as a mechwarrior. She became known for her innovative tactical skills and rose quickly through the ranks. In 2994, Yvonne was named military commander of the Capellan March. Her attempts at reforming unnecessary parts of the military bureaucracy ran afoul of the Hasek family. The political infighting led to the end of her posting as military commander of the Capellan March in 3000 as well as a lasting enmity for the Hasek family. Hanse Davion convinced Yvonne not to resign from the AFFS. For the next 13 years she headed the Analysis and Speculation Department of Military Intelligence. Hanse Davion appointed Yvonne as Prince’s Champion after becoming First Prince of the Federated Suns.[4]


Jackson Davion was the third of seven children born to Yvonne Davion. All of her children entered service with the AFFS. Four of them, including Jackson Davion, were killed in action.[5][6]


Yvonne died in 3035 at her office in the Fox's Den.[3]

Philosophical and Political views[edit]

Yvonne hated the Hasek family. She used her political power as Prince’s Champion to delay supplies or ship the wrong parts to the Capellan March. She was a loyal member of the Federated Suns who wished the Federated Suns to grow into the dominant force of the Inner Sphere as a model to inspire others. She supported the alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth but had concerns over the abilities of the LCAF even though she saw the potential of its strong economy.[4]


  • Yvonne Steiner-Davion, daughter of Hanse Davion and eventual Prince-Regent of the Federated Suns, was named for Yvonne.
  • Yvonne loved vigorous athletic activity when she was younger. After she aged, she often coached the Royal Orphanage in Avalon City’s football and baseball teams. She was an excellent cook and brought baked goods to orphans.[4]
  • Countess Cordelia Spenser of Torrence was Yvonne’s Lady-in-Waiting and Field Marshal Ran Felsner’s mistress.[7]


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